Flashlights: Every Adventure Calls for a Different Type, Join the Hype!

If you are an adrenaline junkie who is always up for a new adventure, it’s a good thing to be prepared for everything that might come your way. Hunting will require the proper weaponry, biking – a bike in mint condition, of course. And, a simple flashlight will be your friend wherever you go, right? Actually, you’d be very wrong to think there is a universal flashlight that fits all kinds of activities. There are so many different flashlight types to choose from on the Australian market, so without knowing what to look for, you will literally get lost in the darkness.Flashlight Types


You’ve set up your tent on a pleasant spot in the woods, the night has fallen, there’s a guitar playing in the background. Everything is perfect, but you somehow feel something is missing. There is a ban on lighting a fire due to it being a potential hazard. I bet this is a fun breaker for you as you’ve already created the perfect picture in your head. But the party’s not over yet – there’s a saviour in the form of LED lanterns. Yup, they are a safer solution to lighting a fire, and are also lightweight and easy to transport wherever you need them. The best thing about LED lanterns is that they are highly durable and will last for about 4-5 days before needing to be recharged.


In order to be a successful hunter at night, not only do you need a good weapon, but also the right flashlight from the vast range of flashlight types to help you find your way in the darkness. What you need is a long range hunting torch that makes aiming at night easier and one that is also strong enough to prevent you from hurting any person near your prey. Most animals – hogs, deer, fox or dingos are not sensitive to red or green light, so make sure the torch has a red or green filter. This way you can spot them by the red or green reflection in their eyes and aim accurately without alerting them.

Cave Exploration

Caves are nature’s treasure chests. There are many creatures and rock formations inside them that tickle your curiosity, and in order to reach them, you have to go into the deepest depths of the Earth. For that to happen, you’ll need a powerful thrower torch. Thrower torches are not like regular flashlights – they have a narrow beam that lights up objects in the distance without illuminating the area close to the torch. Some even reach an incredible distance of up to 1.3 km. With a thrower torch, you’ll no longer have to spend time wandering aimlessly only to reach nothing worthwhile. You have to be careful with them though – when pointed at a person’s eyes they can temporarily blind them with their powerful beam.


A bike light is crucial for a cyclist’s safety – regardless if it’s mountain biking on a rough terrain, or simply cycling on city streets. The most important feature you need to look for in a bike light is brightness. A LED bike light with 300 – 1000 lumens is ideal for riding in low lit but urban areas. On the other hand, mountain bikers will need to look for a light with 1000+ lumens with a wide beam of illumination – you wouldn’t want a branch to poke your eye out or trip on a rabbit hole, do you? Whatever your destination and aim, have fun!



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