Bicycles: Prioritize Aliveness Through Your Choice of Ride

Cycling is becoming a more and more popular trend among people of all ages. It has nothing to do with social status. You can own a Ferrari and still ride a bike. Let’s look at some obvious facts: cycling is good for maintaining your health and fitness, it is environmentally friendly, it is the fastest mode of transport, especially during rush hour, it saves you money, it is great for relaxing and exploring nature, and so on. The list goes on forever.

Bicycle technology has come a really long way. You can find a huge variety of bikes in online bicycle store Australia wide with high quality components, outstanding performance, and all that at affordable prices. So if you want to get into biking or upgrade to something more efficient and comfortable from the bike you got for your birth day 10 years ago, now is the right time.


However, choosing the bike that is just right for you can turn out to be a bit of a challenge. It depends a lot on your needs, preferences, and of course, budget. Whether you want a comfortable ride to work, shop for groceries, hit the trails in the park, go off road, or go really, really, really fast, there is a bike that fits each purpose and even multiple purposes at the same time. There are also different quality levels of bike components, different styles, colours, accessories, and what not. You can sort all that later with the help of the employees at the bike store. First you need to decide what type of bicycle you want. So, here are the basic options available at any online bicycle store Australia wide.

Comfort bikes are for casual riding on smooth roads. They feature high handlebars curved towards the rider, a wide comfortable seat with shock absorbers, fenders and mudguards, baskets, step-through frames, and so on. These bikes are designed for comfort and practicality. You can ride them in an upright position in your everyday clothes, even in a suit or a dress.

If you are after a rough ride, adrenaline, and exploring nature, than a mountain bike is the perfect choice for you. Mountain bikes are the most durable of all types and made to withstand all kinds of abuse. They have shock-absorbing front suspension and optional rear suspension, wide and knobby tires, wide range of gears, disc breaks, and a strong frame. These bikes are ideal for off-road handling. They are also good for road riding, it is a bit heavier than road bikes.

Speaking of rad bikes, this type is designed for people who want to go really fast and cover some serious distance. They feature a lightweight frame, narrow tires, a narrow seat, and drop handlebars. The bike itself and your riding position are designed for maximum aerodynamics and speed.

There are, of course, a lot of hybrid bikes as well, such as the fitness bike which combines a road bike and a mountain bike. As I said, consider your needs and the environment in your home town, before choosing a bike. For any additional advice feel free to ask customer support, I am sure they will be more than happy to help you.

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