Tabu Perfume: A Review of the Classic Seductive Fragrance

The fashion icon Coco Chanel  once said: “No elegance is possible without perfume. It’s the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory “. And I completely agree with her. Good perfume allows you to leave a powerful mark that lingers long past you’ve left. I may go out the door without putting on lipstick or mascara, but I never let myself be seen (or smelled) without perfume. I’ve been obsessed with perfume for as long as I can remember.

Nowadays, there are many it perfumes to choose from. Just go into any perfume store, and someone is bound to come in asking for the latest Givenchy or Kenzo. While I do appreciate new scents on the market, I’m not a fan of constantly switching to the latest perfume trend. I love that I have something that’s permanent about my presentation even though my fashion taste constantly fluctuates. My perfume collection is something that’s recognisable about me. You simply can’t miss me in the sea of the fragrances that are currently captivating people.

1943 tabu perfume ad retro

While I use 4-5 perfumes in rotation (depending on the occasion and time of year), one perfume that has stayed with me the longest is Tabu. I still remember buying my first bottle of this perfume. It was right before the very first date with my very first boyfriend. I was 17, and wanted something that would let him know that behind the exterior of an innocent little girl lies an adventurous woman in the making. Although I soon broke up with that boyfriend, I formed one of the most lasting relationships in my life – that with Tabu. So, if you’re currently considering buying the famous Tabu, read on. The years wearing it have made me somewhat of an expert when this fragrance is concerned.

Who Makes Tabu Perfume?

Tabu is the love child of Javier Sera, the founder of the Spanish perfume house Dana. He commissioned famous perfumer Jean Carles (the nose behind Christian Dior’s Miss Dior) to create a fragrance that targets women’s sexuality and seductiveness. Or in his exact words – to create a “perfume de puta”, (a perfume for a whore). Don’t be turned off by this connotation. The fragrance came out in 1931, so what was considered a whore back then, in today’s terms would be a confident woman completely in charge of her sexuality.

tabu perfume vintage ad 1949

When it came out, Tabu was to be the ultimate Taboo, both in how it smelled and in how it was advertised . When Tabu was first launched, its advertisement included the Kreutzer Sonata painting by Rene Francois Xavier Prinet which depicted a woman and a man passionately kissing by the piano. Tabu continued using advertisements revolving around the famous painting. One of my favourite Tabu ads is a picture of a woman in front of the iconic painting, and a text bellow that reads “When Tabu becomes a part of you, you become apart from all others”.

tabu perfume

Where Can I Buy Tabu Perfume?

Although it’s produced by a Dana, a company located in Spain, Tabu can be found worldwide – even on the Australian market. I prefer to buy Tabu perfume from an online pharmacy and get it conveniently delivered to my front door along with other personal care products. But you can also find it in the fragrance aisles of some well-stocked department stores.

What Are Its Key Notes?

Jean Carles is well known for his mesmerising blends of unusual scents. He was the perfect man to follow the instructions and create a true “un parfum de puta” – a sensual, shocking and liberating fragrance. Tabu is most recognisable by its luscious oriental floral composition of fresh citrus and spicy notes. Its top notes are bergamot, orange, lemon oil and neroli. The heart consists of rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, vanilla, clove, narcissus, clover and carnation, And then you get hit by the intoxicating base of patchouli, musk, sandalwood, civet, cedar, benzoin, vetiver and oakmoss.

tabu perfume gold and pink

Tabu’s scent is almost tangible. To me, it feels like walking through a soft velvet curtain into a harem flooded by incense. The performance on my skin is stellar too. I know it has excellent projection since people sitting at the opposite part of the table have often complimented me on my perfume. It also has unbelievable longevity of fifteen hours on my skin. If you ask me, every drop of this perfume is worth a lot more than you’re paying for.

Final Thoughts

Tabu is a perfume that speaks to women of all ages. It’s for young girls who have just started to discover their sensuality. It’s for women in their 20s and 30s who like to experiment with sexuality. And it’s for mature women who still have the fire going in them. I loved when I was 17, and I still love it now in its modern spray bottle form. And I’m sure I’ll love it for as long as I’m alive and the company keeps producing it.

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