Creating a Stylish and Functional Dining Area

While the increased popularity of more casual eating spaces with open floor plans seem to have cast formal dining areas into oblivion, having a designated space where one can enjoy sharing delicious meals with family and friends still remains a functional and stylish addition to any well-designed home. These days, the design of the dining area has evolved from a place used for feasting on tasty dishes alone to a peaceful and sophisticated oasis where families gather to spend some quality time together, converse and enjoy the bliss of domestic life. When designed right, the dining room can enhance the beauty of your interior design and add function and elegance to the entire home.


As any area around the house, the space dedicated to dining does come with some design challenges. However, with smart planning and a dose of creativity, you can easily overcome any design challenge, be that limited amount of floor space or poor natural lightning. Function and comfort are the two most important things to keep in mind when planning the design of your dining room. What you should go for is not only creating a place that serves a hosting and entertaining purpose, but also reflect a cosy and welcoming ambiance. In terms of both comfort and function, choosing the right table and dining chairs Australia interior designers suggest is the first step to creating a practical yet stylish dining room.

As the central element of the layout, the dining table should suit the size of the room, all while allowing you to accommodate your family and friends in comfort and style. From chic square and round models to classic rectangular ones, modern dining tables are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Due to its compact size, a round table would suit best a small dining room, while a larger rectangular or square model can be the ideal choice for bigger dining rooms with significant amount of available floor space.

Once you’ve found an elegant table that best compliments your design scheme, the next step is to choose equally elegant chairs that could instantly enhance the comfort and beauty of your dining area. The stylish dining chairs Australia retailers have on offer come in many different styles and materials. From classic wooden models to contemporary metal and plastic ones, the options are more varied than ever before, so you can surely find a model that best suits your needs. To get the most of your dining chairs, look for models that are expertly crafted and feature armrests and cushioned seats for ultimate comfort.

Carved wooden chairs are a popular choice among homeowners simply because they have a sturdy construction and their simple yet sophisticated design can compliment any home setting. Elegant metal chairs are just as durable as their wooden counterparts, and due to their contemporary and unique look, they are the perfect match for modern dining rooms. While plastic models come in a range of wonderful hues that can add a splash of colour to the living space, their fragile construction prone to damage is not the ideal choice for creating a practical and cosy seating area for wining and dining.

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