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Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Personalise Your Outdoor Space

It’s spring. If you are like most people, you’ll definitely want to spend more time outside enjoying the nice, sunny weather. And if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, you can literally move outdoors for the warmer months of the year and enjoy meals, have drinks, or immerse yourself in a book. But first, you should probably consider how you can personalise your backyard and transform it into a comfortable and functional outdoor living area. Here are a few thoughts on outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements while also being welcoming, practical, and stylish enough for your garden.

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Teak Ticks All the Boxes

One of the best materials for wooden outdoor tables and seating is teak. If you want to spend your free time chilling in your garden lounge area and don’t want to waste it caring for outdoor furniture, then teak is a dream come true. To look its finest, teak furniture only requires periodical brushing to remove dust, and wiping with a wet cloth if there’s some dirt accumulated. No need for sanding or re-finishing, teak furniture will retain its stunning look for years. Its natural occurring oily texture and rubber acts as a seal, protecting the furniture from water, as well as rot and insects. Despite being some of the most expensive wooden material, teak is a worthwhile investment that is immune to weather and guarantees longevity.

Teak Outdoor Table and Chairs

Gather Round the Table

Among the extensive choice of outdoor furniture, one piece is an all-time staple – the table. You can define the lounge circle in your yard by centring it around a sleek wooden table. With the wide range of small and large wooden outdoor tables, you can find an adorable piece to anchor down a small patio or expansive alfresco area. A less formal outdoor lounge area complete with a cute coffee table, a comfy sofa and some recliners will make your yard resemble a spa-like retreat. And you can dine in style with a large, functional dining table and chairs set. Concerning design, teak wooden outdoor tables that come in a buttery, gold tone will match any décor and any seating, and also complement the natural colours of the garden.

Blue Outdoor Table and Chairs

Do Have Fun with Colours

While it’s best that the staple furniture pieces like wooden outdoor tables, benches, and chairs have a more neutral and earthy look, bright colours are more than welcome in a garden setting. The classic teak furniture set will come to the front thanks to lively and colourful accent pieces and fabrics. An eye-catching umbrella and some teak sunloungers will bring a beach-like atmosphere right into your garden, whereas bulky cushions in fun patterns can give the space some character and make for a comfy lounging. Area rugs, tablecloths, vases, there’s no limit to the ways you can introduce playful variety. Keep the base (furniture) neutral and you can run free with all kinds of accent colour choices.

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