4WDing: The Essence of Luggage

If you want to get to know more of the less trodden paths, embark on more 4WD adventures. Simple as that! It’s what I did, and it’s changed my life. As a 4WDing enthusiast, I can say it’s the sort of travelling that can provide you with plenty of valuable lessons in life.

Apart from witnessing the grandeur of nature, since Australia isn’t short on iconic off-road tracks and getting close up to those places not many get to visit sure makes for an experience of a lifetime, you also learn how to rely on your skills, and of course, how to pack properly.

Though most people pay attention to the 4×4 they choose to purchase, and the bits of maintenance it requires, as well as the basic check-ups to do prior to every trip, they forget self-reliance and packing require the same (if not more) attention. If you want to master both, as they’re related, focus on luggage.

You can easily find a variety of options of luggage online, particularly car top, created for the harsh Australian conditions, able to resist water and dust thanks to quality materials and designs like the protective velcro flap, with features like strong securing straps and heavy duty buckle for load safety, so you’d be able to make the most of your trips with no fretting.


The varieties of luggage online you’d come across are designed to be easy to fit, to load and unload, and should be a priority when equipping your 4×4 for the off-road experiences. They provide plenty of storage for all sorts of belongings, those extra bits of clothing, for instance, your whole picnic or camping gear, sports equipment, and even the necessary 4×4 accessories to enhance your trips and take care of your self-reliance, in the likes of recovery gear (e.g. recovery tracks, extra lighting, folding shovel, tire inflator), extinguisher, and medical kit.

As you’d come to see, this leaves more space inside your 4×4, so you’d place other essentials there that don’t take up much space, and have a more comfortable travelling. Since 4WDing makes for more extreme rides, particularly when you go through a bumpy road, so having less of your belongings inside eliminates the risk of insecure flying objects inside, thus less chances of injuries, and accidents.

To wrap it up, car top luggage can teach you how to think of the essentials, learning only to pack the essentials, bearing in mind you’d be going to far off places where there may or may not be help in sight. This would further open up the path to embracing more of minimalism in the long run.

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