How a Self-Watering Pot Can Change Your Plants’ Life for the Better

Since the world seems more of a rat race nowadays than at any other time in the past, where workaholics are the role models, it’s easy to get caught up and go with the flow in this stream of life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money, we need it to get by through the days, but instead of letting that become your main purpose in life – collecting money, the key, as you might have already heard it, is to learn how to live and not just how to exist, starting by how and where you invest your hard-earned income. If you want to make good use of it, what better way to do so than by spending it on plants?


The joy you get is the same as when you buy books, only with the additional chance of being involved in nurturing and seeing your plants grow. This is known to evoke compassion, much in the like of taking care of pets, or, to stay on track with the books reference – when you are mindful of ensuring pages don’t become warped. Along with this, you’re probably aware of all the health benefits of having plants as your friends but since the stereotype of gardens is changing fast, and we see the rise of tiny container gardens, it means there’s more work involved related to tending to every plant’s needs, which leads to the importance of planters and pots.

There are times when you won’t exactly have the time to engage in gardening as much as you’d like. Imagine having to be away from home for several weeks… Who do you pass your gardening responsibilities to? Then again, another question arising: Who would enjoy gardening for you as much as you do and not ruin your plants in the process? It’s times like these when you can thank for being part of the modern world of inventions as you discover the magic of self-watering containers. Make no mistake, your next purchase should be a self watering plant pot. You’ll see there are choices that aren’t only functional but are also the perfect stylish decoration for your home.

If you’re a fan of New Girl, then you surely remember Nick’s phobia of not being able to take care of his girlfriend’s cactus and looking like an idiot. With a self watering plant pot, not only will you not have to worry about providing all the best for a plant’s full growth, but you’ll look like a professional gardener too when people see the look of your plants. As the name itself implies, these pots contain a built-in water reservoir that can take over watering for you. Thanks to the wicking system, the soil is able to retain moisture and supply plants with the needed water. This kind of watering is deep down the container which results in the stimulation of deep root growth and you get healthier plants with no chances of rotting. Also on the plus side, nutrients are stored in the soil, unlike with regular pots where they are lost through the drainage holes or spilled into the garden bed, meaning you get livelier greenery.

Thanks to the reservoir storing all the water, there’s less chance of evaporation so you get to save on water as well, which can be immediately noticed in the watering bills so you save on money and time as the pot does the work for you. You know what all this means, there’s more travelling to do without the guilt of putting gardening responsibilities on hold.

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