Sherlock Holmes

Best Friend Tag Questions: Discover Your Inner Sherlock

Light up your pipe and grab your magnifying glass! There are truths and secrets about your best friend for your inner Sherlock Holmes to discover.

Best friend tag question is a popular game designed for two best friends, who are eager to know as much as possible about each other. The game is basically an honest conversation among two best friends with a one-question-per-turn rule. If you want to take advantage of the game and find out the deepest and darkest secrets of your best friend which he\she never told you about, first you must discover your inner Sherlock.

The most famous fictional detective of all time is known for his skills of observation, deduction and logical reasoning – that’s why you should look up to him. Before you start crafting friendship tag questions for the game, put your detective hat on and analyze your best friend: where do they usually go, what gets their attention, what do they usually read and who do they spend most time with. Once you analyze everything there is to analyze, it’s time for making a strategy on how to get your much desired answers.

Friend Tag Questions

Do not ask questions just to get over with your turn. Instead, use a strategy that imposes a particular order of best friend tag questions and guarantees getting the answers you want. Start by deciding what exactly do you want to find out about your best friend (work life, career path, love life, childhood, dreams, life goals, etc.). There must be an aspect of their life they never talk about much, which is why the human brain sees it as a puzzle that needs to be solved.

Now, it’s time to craft best friend challenge questions you’re going to ask in the game. Leverage your questions on all the information you’ve gathered about your best friend. Then, try to turn them into open-ended questions in order to get better answers. However, you should never pose questions that may hurt your best friend’s feelings in any way. Sherlock once said, “You should never theorize before you have data”. In this game’s language, before you come up with a definitive best friend tag question, you should make sure that you have considered all the available data and it’s safe to pose the question without causing any harm.

And the final step – execution. While it is important to stick to your plan and ask all of your best friend questions; being observant during the game and paying attention to every word of your friend’s answer is more important. This way, if the game doesn’t proceed according to plan, you’ll be prepared to improvise and change the course of the game by asking follow-up questions, based on their answers. You will be surprised by your inner Sherlock’s ability to, even though failed to execute the plan, reveal your best friend’s darkest secrets.

Now let’s sum it up, detective. So you analyze your best friend’s behavior and activities, consider all the facts about them, decide what you want to find out about them most, make a plan consisted of best friend tag questions that could turn the game into your benefit, execute your plan and if your plan gets out of control, you use your detective skills to improvise and come up with follow-up questions. Well done, Sherlock.

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