Hampton living room furniture

Hamptons Style: Invite the Sea Breeze into Your Living Room

I have yet to come across a person that doesn’t like summer and the beach outings that come with it… And what is there not to love? Warm sand under your feet, the easy, breezy ocean air, the sun caressing your skin – Ahh, we want more, we want more! Unfortunately, for people like me – the ones deep mainland, going to the beach is reserved only for a few special days in the year when the weather is nice and you can afford to make the long trip to the shore.

But hey, here’s the next best thing? Why not bring the beach into your home? I’m sure there has to be a suitable interior style. And there certainly is! Hello, Hamptons – the name that’s synonyms with beach living. The coastal freshness, the light air, the pristine beaches and gorgeous homes – no wonder celebrities are flocking to this place like crazy. Well, by implementing a few special design rules you can bring all of that in your very own living room – minus the celebrities!

An Airy Delight in White

When furnishing a room, the hardest part is trying to match the colour of the furniture to the rest of your interior. Hamptons is all about relaxed living and eliminates this problem from the very start. The solution – white Hampton living room furniture that will never wall out of favour, regardless of seasons changing. Embrace this timeless interior design with a designer buffet, bookcase, coffee table or perhaps an entertainment unit. The more white – the more wide! Hampton living room furniture pieces in this timeless colour are sure to visually enlarge any space. Just remember to choose natural materials. A set of wooden pieces with intricate carvings can help you bring the unique coastal feel to your home.

Memories of the Beach

You know what they say – the devil’s in the details. And there’s no true coastal feeling without all the tiny treasures you can find scattered on the beach. Instead of buying expensive ornaments and accessories, adorn your living room with natural findings. Small sea shells, bottles decorated with sand or rope, tiny colourful rocks and all other remnants of the ocean can transform your space into a genuine beach house. This is also a good time to try some DIY beach decorations of your own.

A Fluid Colour Palette

Since you can not bring the salty waves into your home, you can try and capture the ocean’s fluidity with the help of colour. Navy blue and turquoise are this style’s favourite hues that can be seen all around the room, in all kinds of patterns, but mostly in stripes or zig zag lines. Lively colours like coral, orange and yellow, combined with the natural base of white Hampton living room furniture, capture the distinct feeling of sun rays falling on the white, sandy shore. The rule of thumb is to go with a base that’s natural such as white or ivory, and spice it up with these vibrant colour to reinforce the coastal mood.

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