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Prefab Sheds 101: Add an Aesthetic Value to Your Housing Storage

Investing in a storage shed, also known as an outdoor shed, can provide you with plenty of space to store everything cluttering your garage or attic. Since you should be able to rely on your prefab shed for a long time, it’s essential to consider a few important factors before buying one!

Type of Material

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Steel Sheds

The majority of homeowners choose prefab steel sheds because they are very affordable, available in various styles and colours, lightweight, easy to ship or haul, and easy for everyone to assemble. However, two people are needed to put this type of shed together because it comes with hundreds of screws and usually takes a long time.

Prefab steel sheds are usually made of galvanised or vinyl-coated steel. Unlike the old rusted metal sheds you’ll see in older home backyards, this extra step in today’s manufacturing helps them resist scratches and rust. Keep in mind that the steel shed’s metal is quite thin and can easily be dented if you don’t take care of its structure.

Vinyl Sheds

When it comes to vinyl sheds, the steel framing for the walls and roof truss system are retained, but the metal panels and doors are replaced with vinyl. Moreover, vinyl panels are impervious to everything that metal panels are not!

They’re dent-proof, fire-resistant, and won’t rust, scratch, or peel paint over time. Although PVC vinyl sheds are heavier than metal sheds, they are still lightweight enough to transport and ship, making them simple to manoeuvre. Rather than being screwed together, the vinyl panels slide in between the steel framing posts. As a result, you can use fewer screws, which makes assembly easier than metal sheds, which use a lot of screws.

Plastic Sheds

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If you want to invest in a costly and premium quality prefab shed, plastic ones are your safest bet! Most plastic sheds are made of a double-wall plastic wafer pressed together on the inside with steel reinforcements. They have a heavy-duty steel frame and steel roof trusses that are strong enough to hold small adults! In most cases, the trusses can be used as additional overhead storage.

Inside, most plastic sheds have a thick plastic floor, windows, skylights, vents, and plenty of shelving to help you stay organised. Polycarbonate plastics are resistant to rust, insects, mould, and rot. You will undoubtedly enjoy this shed because it is built to last for many years and generations. They are extremely low maintenance, requiring only a simple hosing off once a year to keep them clean.

Wood Sheds

Wood sheds are the most durable building on the market, capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. They also provide you with more customisation options for your home windows and doors. You can paint a wooden shed any colour you want, use any shingles to match your home for a professional look, add custom shelving built into the walls, turn it into a garage, man cave, or she-shed – the possibilities are truly endless!

However, you’ll need to perform some maintenance. Paint does not last indefinitely, so you’ll need to re-paint the shed every 3-10 years, depending on the quality of the paint and your personal preferences. Insect repellents must also be sprayed around the base of your shed, specifically for termite prevention. A concrete or treated wood decking foundation is also required to construct a proper woodshed.

The Right Size

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Small Sheds

Small outdoor sheds are those that are less than 60 square feet. The smallest sheds are around 4×4, and the largest is around 8×8. The most popular small sheds are the narrow sheds ideal for storing lawn equipment such as push mowers, trash cans, and garden tools.

Medium Sheds

These storage units are typically 70 to 100 square feet in size. They are available in sizes ranging from 8×10 to 10×12. Medium shed size is ideal for storing larger garden equipment like snow blowers, riding mowers, and other bulky gear.

Large Sheds

The sheds in this category range from 110 to 180 square feet or 10×14 to 12×16 inches. They are ideal for tractors, recreational vehicles, ATVs, and other large machinery that don’t fit your house.

Extra Large Sheds

Extra-large sheds typically begin at 190 square feet and can be much larger. These are available in sizes ranging from 12×10 to 30×40, ideal for needing extra space for a garage or a workshop.


plastic garden shed with tools

Whether you plan to use your outdoor shed as a storage shed, a playhouse, a man-cave, a she-shed, a workshop, or an office, its appearance is an essential factor you must consider. This is because the appearance of your storage unit can influence the appearance of your home. For instance, if your house has arched windows, you can use the same design on your shed’s window. If your house is white, a white shed may complement it. If your house has a country-house feel, a rustic-style shed or a barn-style shed will look great.

Flooring & Foundation

Since not all prefab sheds include a floor, you can make your floor or purchase a kit from the shed’s manufacturer. Most plastic sheds come with non-slip plastic flooring already installed. For those with floor sheds, you should consider concrete or wood, solid, levelled, and well-built foundation beneath the floor for maximum support. It should also be constructed to elevate the storage unit above the wet ground and soil.

Concrete slabs, concrete paver blocks, wood timbers, and compacted gravel can all be used to construct shed foundations. To help prevent corrosion and rot of the shed materials, you should build a well-draining and elevated foundation according to the owner’s manual instructions.

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