Transform Your Rooftop into a Party-Friendly Space with Acapulco Chairs

Due to my work obligations, I’ve been visiting a lot of cafes lately having coffee-chats with numerous clients and fellow colleagues in the area. I’m an investment banker, and yes, everything you heard about the lush lifestyle we live is pretty much true. Knowing this, if I got amazed by this amazing cafe in the heart of Melbourne it means it really is something to see and experience. Aside the fact that their coffee was unbelievably tasty and perfectly prepared and served, the other thing that was just hard not to notice was the interior design. Some people simply know how to captivate their customers and make them come back again and again.

Acapulco Chairs

In the middle of the amazing blend of styles which includes modern eclecticism with industrial elements added and spiced with a little vintage charm, are the Acapulco chairs which wrap everything together and give the place a colour burst. Plus, these turned out to be very comfortable, which gave me an idea: why not use these chairs for my rooftop?

If you own a rooftop, or even a large backyard, then you know how important it is for that space to be party-friendly in its design. Having a large circle of friends and colleagues comes with the inevitable obligation to host a party or two every month. You know, a small gathering with cocktails and wine and some fancy food that won’t hurt your food regimen. And since no one wants to be standing all the time, having proper seating is your biggest plus as a host.

Acapulco chairs come in a lot of different colours and the best thing is that you can find them in a lot of bright nuances, almost like neon ones. That type of Acapulco chairs offer a lot of design possibilities, since strong, screaming colours go perfectly well with greenery, sunsets and amazing views. This brings me to the rooftop idea: a few chairs of the kind along with a very simple small table placed in the middle would work as the perfect rooftop seating area for hosting small parties and coffee gatherings.

Since they have the form of an open umbrella from the opposite side, you can easily lay back and relax while sunbathing on the rooftop, which is another great advantage of these chairs. If you add seating cushions, you’ll have even more comfort and your rooftop space will get a whole other dimension during the day. Normally, you’d consider having space for a large sunshade or an umbrella to provide you with the much necessary sun protection and voila – you have your space prepared for hot summer days and nights!

Since these chairs aren’t exactly the ordinary type of outdoor furniture you’d use, they are a little specific, and bottom line is, they can’t be used by just about anyone. You should have an open mind towards the colours and the shape itself and accept the idea of a playful rooftop design.

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