Bedroom Ambiance: The Bit of Luxury Sweet Dreams are Made of

Though it doesn’t seem a lot, especially when spending even one sleepless night, a third of our lives is spent sleeping, more specifically about an average of 229,961 hours.

You have to agree it’s quite the amount of time in the life of a person, and the bedroom as the sleeping oasis it ought to be deserves all the transformation it can get to become the stylish room promising five-star-hotel sleep every night.

We all need the bit of luxury we can afford, and while acquiring the perfect mattress is the primary ingredient to avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed, with aches and pains, the aesthetics matter too which is why getting stylish king or queen bed heads is also recipe for sweet dreams.

Have you ever considered what the addition of velvet headboard would make for the bed, and the bedroom as a whole? You get an immediate upgrade, a splash of colour and texture, and suddenly the bedroom turns into your favourite room; no need to do any wall fixing, just wedge king or queen bed heads between the wall and the bed.

Along with the mattress and headboard, there are other things you can do to make it the warm and cosy room you need it to be without spending much. Lighting can do more magic than we give it credit, and you can either get dimmers for more control of the light, allowing you to easily create intimate atmosphere, or hang string lights over the bed.

If it’s the second option you choose, it goes well with a shelf that offers plenty of space for neatly storing your beloved photo frames, or books and scented candles. The shelves are the ideal solution to make more use of vertical space because even though we don’t always notice, bedroom mess can affect our sleep, for the worse.

Okay, this means we have to make tidying up the bedroom one of our important chores, but it also means cutting out the clutter by getting rid of whatever we don’t necessarily need or use anymore, and neatly storing what we use.

A bench makes a great solution that you yourself can make, relying on your DIY skills to hide away those extra blankets, or even using a driftwood to create your own hanging shelf as the stylish nightstand beside the bed.

Give the bedroom ambiance a bit of your attention and you’re going to get so much more in return!

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