Home Bar: How to create a dedicated space for mixing drinks

I am a cocktail lover, so for quite a long time now, I have been keeping up with the trends when it comes to what is necessary for preparing the drinks: special glasses, different types of aromas, glass decorations and I’ve created enough space on the bar desk in order to make them. What I desperately needed though was a fridge for the drinks alone. I could not find a place for one when I was designing my home bar since my space is quite limited, so I just left that task aside for a while. I used to have all the bottles displayed on the top shelves and I cooled the drinks by adding some ice in each glass right before serving. For a long time, I was considering where to put a drinks fridge, until I finally decided to get a mini sized one so I could simply put it on the bar desk.

Under counter

The idea seemed plausible, so I bought a cute white mini drinks fridge of high quality. It has a PVC door with triple glass that ensures coldness retention, an inside fan that regulates and evens the temperature so the drinks stay perfectly cooled, and an automatic defrosting system with a timer. There are two heavy duty tempered glass shelves that fit about 20 cans or so, which is just what I need. It also has a white LED strip light adds to the overall style, especially when I dim the lighting in the room. And what I like most about it, since I have a little girl, is the fact that is has a lock, so it’s child-friendly.

Now that I think of it, opting for a large bar desk was a great idea back when I made my home bar. My new drinks fridge fits there perfectly and I still have enough space for when making cocktails (even when I have more guests) and since my little girl is using it as a work desk during the week, she still has enough space for drawing, painting, playing with play-dough and doing crafts. I just put a protective cover and all is set. So, having a large bar desk really pays off.

When it comes to storage, I use my home bar just to store glasses, cocktail decorations, shakers, cocktail syrups, some nice-looking bottles that I display on the top shelves, and now that I bought my mini drinks fridge, I have cold refreshing drinks all the time.

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