How to Layer Rugs for a Pulled-Together Look and a Great Feel Underfoot

The first thing we see when entering a living room is the furniture, without a doubt. But truth be told, it is the details like the rugs and carpet that can tie everything together and make it look truly breathtaking. While carpets can look good on their own, these days interior designers are all about layering carpets and rugs for a more pulled-together look.

Layering rugs is a unique way to add more character, warmth and texture not only to your living room but to the entire home as well. In order to find quality yet stylish and appealing rugs and carpets, first, you need to find a trusted carpet rug store in order to have peace of mind that the chosen pieces will meet your needs. So as to achieve the perfect layering, first, you’ll need to learn all the tricks about how to layer them perfectly.

 layering carpetsLayer Pattern on Pattern

Truth be told, a trusted carpet rug store can provide you with a diverse range of products ranging in type, style, material, size and shape. For instance, Turkish kilims or traditional Moroccan rugs are the perfect choices for those of you who want to add a little bit of colour and pattern to the living room. The texture is also not excluded as these rugs and carpets are available in different materials and pile heights.

In order not to exaggerate with lots of colours and patterns, it is best if you choose a neutral colour rug as a base, and add a vibrantly coloured rug on top. You can always switch the colours and patterns and add the more vibrant one as a base while the more calm and neutral colour is on top. This would be great for those living rooms that have lots of details in more vivid colours as the neutral colour will add more balance.

LayerRugsTry Out Different Textures

Besides colour, you can always experiment with many other things like texture. For instance, if you like more simple things and in the meantime, you are a fan of the Scandinavian home décor, you can try adding a sheepskin or cowhide onto sisal (although a lot of you know it as the ideal cat scratchers or jute base rug. With the help of a few throw pillows, you’ll be able to add a new life to your living room without breaking the bank. Adding Moroccan or Turkish kilim over a jute or sisal base is also an option especially for those living rooms where there are no details or souvenirs.

Rug-Layering Consider the Size

Although the style, colours, textures and materials are crucial in how well you will layer those rugs and carpets, it is their size that plays a huge role in how successful your mission will be. The first and most important rule you need to follow is that you should layer rugs of different sizes. Usually, the base rug should be larger while the top rug should be smaller as it’s the one that gives all the accent.

Rug-LayeringMake It Look Extra Cosy

While today’s interior designers are all about adding a carpet and a rug only underneath the seating area, still the possibility to add a floor-to-floor carpet is also acceptable. If for any reason you are one of those people who love walking on a softer surface, don’t think twice and add a larger carpet because you can also layer another rug over it.  This will make your living room extra cosy, soft and warm underfoot which can be great in winter.

As you can see, there are lots of interesting ways and possibilities to layer rugs. The truth is that there are no strict rules when it comes to layering rugs which give you the freedom to experiment and try different things. The truth is that there are so many types of rugs and so many ways to use them, so what’s left for you is to try to mix and match the textures, materials, and styles you see as attractive. Now, while all this layering thing seems great, there are some useful things that you might want to know when layering carpets and rugs.

How to Stop Rugs Moving on Carpet?

The easiest way to prevent rugs from moving on carpets is to choose one with a non-slip rubber backing, non-skid underlay underneath the rug or you can choose a rug with a gripper type of backing.

layered-rug-cornerHow to Clean a Rug Without a Carpet Cleaner?

The easiest way to do that is with the help of white vinegar and baking soda of course. These all-time-favourite natural solutions are extremely powerful when combined, and besides cleaning your carpet, they will remove any type of odour.

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