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Flattering Ways to Arrange the Pillows on Your Bed

European pillow case

If the windows are the eyes of your whole home, then that’s the same level of importance pillows have for the bed alone. Different types of pillows play a different type of role when it comes to shaping the appearance and level of comfort you seek to attain in your bedroom. So let’s demystify the various ways you can add a personal touch just by playing around with symmetry and height.

When deciding on your pillow arrangement, the size of your headboard should be the first thing to consider. Your pillows should never come up over the headboard and that’s why the rule of thumb is that lower headboards require arrangements with a shorter profile. Taller headboards, on the other hand, require standard shams with a thick flange at the very least.

Speaking of important rules to follow, ideally, the pillows should take up no more than two-thirds of the headboard, thus leaving one-third of it exposed at the very top. It is also important to have the pillows stretched across the entire length of the bed. Now that we went through some of the basic rules, let’s talk about the different arrangement options.

Simple things first. If you’re the type of person that would find it rather annoying to have a ton of pillows to arrange in the morning, you need to follow the example of most hotels. For this sleek and simple type of arrangement, you’ll need to stack four standard pillows in a horizontal way. Just use two standard ones stacked on top of other two standards. Note: This looks goes best with a lower headboard.

If you have a tall headboard, laying pillows horizontally is only going to make your whole bed appear disproportionate. These beds look best when the pillows are stacked vertically, so the suggested way to do it is to have two outer pillows that match the duvet at the end of the bed, and some standard pillows in the back (make sure these are in simple sheeted pillow cases).

If you want to go simple and symmetrical, the following arrangement is for you. First, you’ll need to get standard pillows which match your quilt. Now when someone says “symmetrical” it is only natural to think in terms of pairs, however, it doesn’t always have to be the case. In the light of that fact, you can combine the two used two larger shams and one smaller one in European pillow case as to create a symmetrical arrangement that doesn’t require a ton of pillows. This type of arrangement will succeed in filling your entire headboard, without risking creating imbalance regarding the headboard. What’s more, a European pillow case can make for a wonderful touch of personality.

European pillow case 2

Finally, if you want things to get a bit more involved, you’ll need an arrangement with lots of pillows. However, it doesn’t mean that things are not going to look polished. Not if you do it right that is. So you’ll need to consider a symmetrical arrangement that plays with height, a variety of textures and just a dash of pattern. For this purpose, you could use two euro shams to coordinate two standard shams, and then add two accent pillows with an interesting pattern.

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