Ladies Business Shirts

Ladies in Business: The Outfit that Speaks Power

Looks matter. It’s pretty simple, they matter in the day to day life, they matter in the workplace. By looks I refer to outfits, of course, and if you think wearing casual clothing doesn’t interfere with the image you’re portraying, you better think twice.

Like it or not, clothing is important and has an impact on impressions. What you wear reflects on how you feel; wearing powerful outfits is sure to make you feel and look powerful. This especially goes for ladies in the business. If you want others to take you seriously, you have to forget about appearing disheveled at meetings, in hoodies and yoga pants, when there’s a wide range of ladies business shirts to pick for every day.
Ladies Business Shirts
Great news is today even the more formal clothing is made to be comfortable, so you really have no excuse not to show up in the right light in the business world. Though you might find T-shirts more interesting, ladies business shirts vary in design and style too: long sleeved, short sleeved, adjustable sleeved, and shirtdress, among others.

Moreover, shirts are available in plenty of colours, and they provide the opportunity for customising since you can finish off the outfit with a stylish necklace, earrings, or a brooch – I’m sure you’d agree, brooches are artistic, and timeless. Besides, these shirts are ideal for away-from-work outfits too, left untucked, paired with a pair of jeans and flats. Quite the investment!

Back to work outfits, the shirt can be paired with pleated trousers, belted pants, slim fit pants, or even skinnies. If you’re more of a lady who prefers skirts, pencil skirts make a good choice, just remember not to sit cross-legged, as it’s not the kind of sitting that’s business-appropriate.

The royals never appear sitting cross-legged, and they’re all about class, so we can all learn from that. Also forget about slouching if you don’t want to send the message that you’re bored!

As for the feet, the pumps make a great choice but if you’re more into comfort, you can find a revolutionary concept, like the one of transforming shoes that go from high-heels to flats in an instant.

As soon as you’re done with the outfits, don’t forget to keep body language in mind, as well as the tone of voice when you want to make your opinion heard. If you look and speak confidently, then you can count on being seen as confident.

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