Man searching with flashlight in an alley on a foggy night.

Large Torches: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

When you’re in complete darkness and you need for something like the moon to provide you light, then a large torch is exactly what you’re praying for in those moments. Those would usually be hunting situations, camping trips in the mountains at night and even long quests for something you’ve put away years ago in the depths of your basement. In those moments, without a quality source of light, all you can do is fret, fuss and curse.

Man searching with flashlight in an alley on a foggy night.

Man searching with flashlight in an alley on a foggy night.

A large torch is like a regular flashlight, only a lot more powerful, with a way bigger beam distance, and well, an overall stronger and more powerful light. The palette of large torches on the market varies in brands, price range and consequently quality, so be very careful as how and what you pick. In short, you should be looking for a combo of features that makes the torch a worthy investment.

Ace Beam K40S LED torch

As a large torch, this one has some amazing features. It’s a compact thrower that works on three 18650 batteries. It can generate up to 1500 lumen beam and light out to 1030m. The tactical tail switch and the magnetic ring provide an easy access to as much as six brightness modes and one powerful strobe mode. The working voltage is between 4 and 13V and the maximum run-time goes up to 1000 hours. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the construction is very sturdy and as such it’s impact resistant up to 1.2 meters height. There’s also a waterproof layer made of IPX-8 standard, so no worries if you drop it in water.

The Fenix TK60 4D 800 lumen LED torch

Just for comparison, this one is a lot slimmer regarding its design and slightly less powerful, but it still falls in the category of large torches. It weighs only 407 grams and it has a light source of 800 lumens. The Fenix torch runs on D-cell batteries and as such is characterized with high intensity work mode and an extremely long run-time. If you decide to use the flashlight on maximum output with 800 lumens, you can expect to work with this torch for as much as 15 days. The high intensity work mode is delivered through the 2 work modes and the 6 brightness levels. The light source is a CREE XM-L LED which has a lifespan of about 50000 hours (generally known fact about LED lights). The torch itself is made of high quality aluminum with a premium III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish and a lens made of toughened ultra-clear glass and an anti-reflective coating on top.

As you can see, large torches have pretty much the same features and smaller examples of flashlights with one large difference in work and design; everything with them is multiplied by a number of times resulting in a product that’s way more powerful and consequently, a little more expensive. However, since the entire construction is build to deliver quality in the first place, the investment is definitely worthy.

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