Contemporary Sofas

Upgrade Your Living Room Comfort with the Perfect Contemporary Sofa

No living room can live up to its name unless it’s designed with comfort in mind. After all, isn’t comfort all we crave for after a long day at work? And in our living rooms, there is no better embodiment of comfort than the sofa. A cosy sofa is one of life’s pleasures – a safe corner where you can curl up and forget about your worries. On the other hand, it is also the largest statement piece in your living room setting and the one that is sure to get the most attention. As such, contemporary sofas are the furniture pieces we should all invest a good part of our decorating dollars in.

But buying a sofa that will look great in your interior setting, while also provide you with supreme comfort requires careful consideration. That’s why it’s important to not rush your purchase and explore the different options you have available. For one, sofas come in many different seating sizes, enough to accommodate two to six people comfortably. Consider the traffic flow and the size of the room when deciding how large the sofa should be.

If your interior is modern or has a minimalistic design scheme like Scandinavian, than you should look at the range of contemporary sofas. Contemporary sofas feature smooth, clean lines, come in neutral colours and have less upholstery. They usually have a simple I or L shape without any armrests or bold patterns. Colour wise, neutrals are always a good choice because they allow you the freedom to redecorate any time you want. If you want to spice up your sofa with some bold patterns, you can always do so with a separate sofa cover.

Contemporary sofa

The wide range of contemporary sofas allows you to choose between different sofa fabric materials. For instance, leather – the popular choice for a heavy traffic sofa because it’s easy to clean and lasts a long time too, unless you somehow puncture or tear it. Vinyl fabric on sofas looks exactly like leather and costs less, however it’s not quite as durable. Another great option for a frequently used sofa is microfibre, also easy to clean but with the added benefit of being scratch resistant which makes it a good choice for homes with pets and kids.

And finally, consider whether the sofa is sturdy enough. A good sign of robustness is the material of the frame. A quality frame made from kiln-dried hardwood like oak, maple, birch, alder, or if you’d like a more affordable option – plywood, cause it can definitely stand the test of time. The spring design is also important. An eight-way, hand-tied spring set is the sign of quality furniture that can last for years, however, sinuous S-shaped springs can be a more comfortable alternative. Make your priorities clear and only then get to the task of shopping.

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