Entertaining Outdoors: The Importance of Choosing the Right Barbecue

There’s no fun quite like that of enjoying beautiful weather with the taste of barbecue, especially for an avid outdoor entertainer.

Considering this could refer to almost every Australian since it’s part of our culture, it’s no surprise barbecue makes part of many people’s outdoor spaces in Australia. If you want to make the most of entertaining the upcoming summer season, trying out new recipes, the kind of barbecue you choose has a say.

When you decide to purchase, it’s important not to just focus on the price of the different options available or their style and materials they’re made of but also on the design, specifically outdoor bbqs built in and stand-alone, along with electric and gas. Though both have style to offer, when trying to save up on space, opting for the built-in is a no brainer.

This choice comes in handy for small and big yards alike as it allows you to use more of the space for the table set, using as much as you need for the seating to provide comfort, as well as storage and less for the barbie, something of importance when you don’t want to spend most of the time going back and forth, inside and outside, carrying the necessary ingredients, drinks or utensils so it’s great for time-saving too.

This is possible thanks to the outdoor bbqs built in providing you with the chance to customise them, or rather the whole entertaining area, unlike stand-alone which are ready-made, so based on your requirements and preferences you can add burners, counters, cabinets or go for the uniqueness and warmth of stone with veneers, choosing their colour to get a result that fits well with your surrounding décor.

More on the saving, considering you get to cook outside, you won’t have to spend as much on cooling in summer inside your home, so it’s safe to say with this barbecue you’re able to cut down on the energy costs. Also, when your outdoor season is over, you can simply pack them up and store them, waiting to be used the next season again.

This way you expand its longevity, even though it’s made to withstand the harsh weather. In case it’s built on a sturdy construction that’s attached to the foundations of the home, as the stone veneer option, you won’t have to worry about cyclones either.

Having this in mind, their longevity also comes from the durability which isn’t true for stand-alone barbecues that are easy to get damaged and would need frequent repairs or even replacements. Ready for some prawn on the barbie?

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