Tips on Choosing LED Light Fittings and the Different Types

LED lighting is the name of the future when it comes to illuminating virtually any area of residential or commercial spaces, to the indicator lights on our electronics. Contemporary LED light fittings are versatile with flexible designs. With technology advancing more and more every year, LED lights last longer, have greater efficiency, and save more energy than the traditional bulbs.

Saving up to 90% more energy, LED light fittings are more durable and are about five times more efficient compared to conventional incandescent lamps and traditional bulbs. Plus, LED lighting is cost-effective and eco-friendly due to its consistent illumination.

Led Light

Features of LED Lighting

The brightness of LED light fittings is measured in lumens, not watts (a standard 60W produces 800 lumens, while, only 13-15 watts are necessary for LEDs to produce the same quantity). They use only 2 to 10 watts of electricity converting them to light without causing heat build-up. They may be more expensive, but this initial cost pays off in the long run due to their long lifespan.

Types of LED Lighting

  • LED Pendant Lights – hanging like works of art from the ceiling, these fittings are a great source of illumination, ideal for dining rooms, living rooms, or entryways. They can easily add a sense of elegance to the room’ ambience, providing it with a stronger direct or ambient light at the same time.
  • LED Chandeliers – this is the ideal choice if you want to add a sense of charm and grace to your room. They’re both functional and decorative and can be made from a variety of materials – from crystal and glass to wood and fine metals.
  • LED Floor Lamps – they offer an improvement in the lighting experience because they provide a more powerful and long-lasting light which uses less energy. They come in an array of design choices, so you’re bound to find a model that can meet the aesthetics of your space.
  • LED Ceiling Lights – perfect for powerful ambient light that radiates from above. Ideal for increasing brightness and reducing eyestrain due to daily activities. This type of light fittings can be installed in almost every area of the home.
  • LED Bathroom Wall Sconces – the bathroom is one of the most used areas of the home and that’s why you will need modern LED wall sconces that can provide the much-needed accent lighting while using less energy.

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