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Private Relaxation Corner: How to Choose a Spa

Just imagine having the ability to retreat into your own private spa and enjoy the therapeutic effects of warm water coupled with the pulsating motion of the jets. Considering how most of us are overworked, we can certainly use some pampering and relaxation more often. A soak in your own personal hot tub is like a mini-vacation that you can enjoy every day. The idea sure sounds enticing, doesn’t it? But what kind of spa to select? To help you in your search, here are some tips on how to choose a spa that’s perfect for your home and needs.

Pick a Suitable Size

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When browsing the wide selection of spas Australia stores have to offer, you’ll come across models with sizes ranging from 2 to 12 seats. Sure, you want a spa that can let you spread out in comfort and fit in as many people as possible, but do you have enough room for it? In order to choose the correct spa size, measure your available space and then consider how many people you want the spa to fit. If you have limited space or plan to install your spa in the bathroom, a smaller model with 2 seats is what you should look for.

If you plan to use it privately, for a relaxing massage or health reasons , a 2 person model is a great choice. Besides taking up less space, smaller spas are more affordable, cost less to run and are easier to maintain.

On the other hand, if you want to be able to enjoy some wholesome family fun or share it with friends, you may want to consider spas Australia homeowners love the most with 4 or more seats. Of course, there are models that can fit up to 12 or 13 people, but the larger the spa the bigger the heating and maintenance costs are going be. So, choose wisely!

The Shape Matters Too

Hot tubs come in a variety of shapes – round, oval, rectangular, square, and even heart. When picking a shape, opt for something that’s practical and won’t restrict the freedom of movement in the space. For instance, rectangular and square models have more points of entry and can conveniently fit in a corner of the room, thus helping to save some space. On the other hand, oval and round models work best in wide outdoor spaces.

Consider the Different Types

There are two types of spas to choose from: in-ground or above-ground. Most above-ground models are self-contained. This means that they come with all the filters, pumps and other elements needed for a spa to operate. These types of spas are usually made from fibreglass and composite materials. They can be installed in many places whether indoors or outdoors, such as bathrooms, gardens as well as decks if they can handle the weight. On the other hand, in-ground spas are installed inside as space dug into a deck or other outdoor feature. Most in-ground models do not include all components and can be customised with different parts by the user. This can be a great option if you can’t find a model that precisely suits your demands.


But regardless whether you’ve chosen a wide 10 person spa unless you found a comfortable enough model, it doesn’t matter how much room there is. With that being said, try to pick out a shell design that’s well-suited for your height when you’re seated down. What’s more, make sure that the seats have a moulded and curvy design so that they don’t feel too hard and uncomfortable.

Ease of Maintenance

Of course, you’d like to use your spa for relaxation and rarely for cleaning. Unfortunately, every spa needs some maintenance from time to time. That being said, there are some features that can determine how easy or difficult a model is to maintain. For instance, a spa with a “Microban” coat that provides antibacterial and anti-fungal protection tends to get dirty less often. Additionally, picking a fibreglass or acrylic model is usually considered a smarter step, as wood can expand and warp over time due to being exposed to moisture.


spas australia

Let’s be honest, a spa is an expensive investment and so is its upkeep. Considering how spas need water and electricity to run, choosing a model with a more energy-efficient pump can mean less electricity being consumed. What’s more, many units are made of green materials and include more reliable mechanical parts that can save you from spending on potential spa repairs .

Set Your Budget

A home spa is a major purchase. Depending on the size, materials and features, a spa can range from $6000 to $35 000 and up for swim spa units. So, before you go shopping, make sure that you have an idea of how much you want to spend. While extra features such as lighting and a surround system can offer a more entertaining experience, they also significantly increase a spa’s cost. So, if you’re just looking to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, then a basic model without too many bells and whistles can provide great value for money.

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