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How to Choose the Best Concrete Outdoor Furniture

If you’re wondering which type of material to use for your outdoor garden furniture, consider concrete. It’s thick, natural-looking, modern, and low maintenance. What’s not to love about it? Even though it was previously seen mainly as a building material, nowadays concrete has gained popularity as one of the trendiest materials for modern outdoor decor. Modern concrete furniture comes in various forms and offers a plethora of benefits.

Trending Concrete Outdoor Furniture

concrete outdoor furniture

Source: Home and Garden Designs

Concrete furniture is timeless and exceptionally beautiful, there is no doubt about it. Benches, pebble stone seats, and dining tables can make your place both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete Dining Table

One of the most exciting benefits of outdoor furniture is that it gives you the ability to eat outdoors. Therefore, a classic concrete dining table with a rustic and industrial charm can make a world of difference in your al fresco dining. Since concrete is a naturally porous material, minor cracks and imperfections are to be expected. Crafted from a natural concrete mix, it’s a truly unique and versatile addition for any outdoor place.

Abbas Concrete Bench

Dining tables are usually complemented with a pair of lovely concrete benches, which today are considered to be the trendiest pieces of modern concrete furniture. They usually feature a sleek, simple curved design that uses lightweight hand-polished concrete to form a cubist-like shape for any modern or traditional space. Concrete is one of the strongest materials, so you can rest assured it can withstand different weather conditions while retaining its original appearance.

Pebblestone Seats

If you want to create that perfectly calming space for enjoying your coffee by yourself or with a couple of friends, you can consider adding pebblestone seats in your garden. They are made from solid cast concrete and are polished to achieve the look and feel of natural stone. Pebblestone seats usually come in different sizes and shapes and they can be arranged according to your mood for creating the perfect resting area. Their soft edges and smooth lines can bring elegance and fun into your garden as they will blend seamlessly with any existing decor you have outdoors.

Benefits of Concrete Outdoor Furniture

concrete furniture


Now that we have explained some of the most common modern pieces of furniture for your outdoor place, let’s talk a little bit about the benefits this material has over many others.


Concrete is considered one of the strongest and most durable materials. With the many advancements in technology, today’s concrete is lighter but just as strong, made to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions while maintaining its beauty.


When it comes to versatility, this material is widely used for different purposes. The first civilizations that embraced this material were the ancient Romans. They made the colosseum in Rome and the dome of the Pantheon from concrete. After the end of the Roman Empire, the usage of this material declined, until the technology was modernized in the mid 18th century and concrete got reintroduced again.

Low Maintenance

Many people choose this material as it is very low maintenance compared to other types of materials used for outdoor gardens and patios. Concrete is very easy to keep clean as you will only need mild soap and water to clean it. You also need to be careful not to use any abrasive materials or cleaning products with solvents to protect your furniture’s surface.


One of concrete’s great benefits is that it is a highly sustainable material as there are no harmful amounts of VOCs emitted by it. Concrete possesses a stunning natural beauty that can complement wicker and teak furniture as well. Modern concrete furniture can add a contemporary feel to any outdoor space.

Low cost

Compared to some types of materials used for making outdoor furniture, concrete is quite affordable. For instance, a concrete table costs less than a wooden one.


The days when concrete was available only in dull grey are long gone. Nowadays, you can find many pieces of concrete furniture in pretty much every colour. Concrete can be coloured in different ways including stains, using integral pigments, colour hardeners, and dyes. Each of these methods results in producing different looks. Implementing coloured concrete pieces of furniture is a sure way to add a vivid and dramatic statement to your outdoor space.

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