Furniture Musts in a Tiny Home

Changes can be quite difficult, even if we’re prepared for them, and even if we’re the ones who insisted upon them in the first place. Such is the case with changing your whereabouts. By this I don’t mean heading off to live abroad, but moving out to a different home. I’ve always been a person who was bothered by mess, and my previous apartment was huge enough to let disorganisation take over my life. After adopting the lifestyle of a minimalist, I knew time has come to find a smaller place and start putting theory to practice.

This is how I ended up living in a tiny house. Let me tell you, it’s as scary and drastic as it sounds, and it took me a while to get used to the whole moving process. Sure, I was prepared for the whole getting rid of most of my possessions, but one thing I wasn’t prepared for was living in a small space. Luckily, this has helped me learn more about myself than the apartment, and even led me to define my furniture taste along with being more creative with the interior décor.

One of the first things I realised was I can’t imagine a home without a lounging area. I don’t care how tiny a house might be, there’s always place for corner lounges. There’s something about them that speaks comfort and homeliness altogether. The great thing about corner lounges is they seamlessly fill up the area, so there isn’t room for unused space.

Corner Lounges

The fact there are modular designs is enough to turn anyone into a lounge fan, considering this property makes a corner lounge ideal for assembling in a variety of ways. Its modern lines can be just what the interior needs, no matter whether the style is minimal, modern or classic. And oh, you can bet you’d sail away to dream land whenever you take a nap on it. Now that you know how big of a fan I am of corner lounges, I’m moving on to another important asset of my tiny home – drawers.

By drawers, I mean mountains of drawers and I’m not joking. This is something every minimalist knows and uses as the means of keeping the home spotless. Practically I have built-in storage everywhere I turn, from under the bed, the table and above the shower, to the staircase. This way I’m able to stack up on extra towels, pillows, bedding and all sorts of accessories so even though I have plenty of things around, putting them neatly away leaves no way for cluttering and definitely makes the cleaning up easier and faster.

Although I like my lounge as is, I prefer my kitchen area foldable so that all the space is functional. Both the chairs and table are foldable, and all of the kitchen amenities are stored in hanging compartments. Since there wasn’t room enough to place all my books and still keep the big bed, the wall bed design turned to be one I fell in love with. When the bed is folded, I have a library, when the bed is in use, I have the library above. Books and z’s do go well together. What I especially love about this sort of furniture is its simplicity and elegance in one, minimalist and revolutionary yet at the same time stylish.

And, whenever I want to add some more beauty, I just use up what nature has to offer; there are many plants one can invite home that serve up the purpose of purifying the air and add to the décor. Though I’m still new at this kind of lifestyle, I can say I’m growing to like it more each day. There are so many ways for me to learn how to play with furniture and interior, I can’t wait to try them out.

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