Artificial Grass: The Charms of Greenery Year Round without the Effort

What’s the easiest and fastest way to add curb appeal to your home? Count on landscaping, and gardening with the help of plants, of course! When I say plants I mean anything, from flowers, and shrubs, to trees, and grass.

Having a lawn you can be proud of takes more work than the rest of gardening does, and taking its size into consideration, it does have a big role in the aesthetics. Why bother when you can have the look without the effort, with the simple solution: artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Stakes

It’s the grass that stays green year round without having to worry about it, and it’s more than affordable, plus it makes for an easy DIY project to do, all you have to do is acquire the grass, artificial grass stakes (you have a choice between plain and black hardwood), and the tools, like tape measure, stamper, marker, utility knife, and a shovel, to properly set the terrain and install the grass.

What you need to do first is inspect the area thoroughly, to check for large rocks in the soil, see if it needs more draining in case of rains, check whether or not there is an irrigation or electrical system around to prevent damaging it during installation, then measure up so you can reduce the effort needed to install, and cut down the number of lawn seams.

A mistake you have to avoid is when installing not minding the grass grain direction, which apart from affecting the aesthetics, can make for unsightly seams too, and lessen the grass quality altogether. Once you’re done with the check-up, you can prepare the base for the grass by adding a layer of crushed stone, spreading it all around the area, grade it, and level it taking care of the design and the drainage needs, then lightly water it.

As soon as you’ve finished with that, it’s time for the grass and the artificial grass stakes. Make sure you lay it flat with the grains in the same direction, draw lines based on the area, and edges, and cut if it needs to be cut to fit in. You can wrap up the DIY project by securing the grass patches with the stakes, spacing them 12” apart along the edges.

Though many prefer the natural option, it’s undeniable artificial grass brings about many advantages superior to the natural, such as not giving you the mowing or watering chores, there’s no need for sewing or fertilising either, there’s no more mud, it looks great year round come rain, snow, or scorching sun, and is ideal for kids as it’s soft and without abrasives.

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