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The Essential Elements of a Complete Cowboy Outfit

Even though we may associate it with costume parties or old Hollywood movies, the cowboy style is a popular sight in mainstream fashion. The fashion industry has been influenced by the cowboy style ever since the first Western film was made. Nowadays, many fashion brands and designer labels are incorporating cowboy accessories, cowboy boots and rockabilly shirts into their lines. And when done right, a cowboy outfit can give you a modern earthy masculine appeal. If you are a fan of this style and want to try it out for yourself, here are some ideas on what you should possess in your closet.


An important element that is part of the traditional cowboy image is a western belt. If you want a high quality country leather belt you should choose one made from 100% genuine leather, the kind true cowboys wore. A country belt of this type is a lasting accessory that can be used for years and years.

Another important thing to check when choosing the right country leather belt is the metal that its buckle is made of. It’s good for the belt to have a metal that will match the rest of the metallic touches in your outfit. What I’m actually referring to, are the jacket buttons, rings (if you’re wearing any), watch, jeans’ zipper, etc. The buckles can be mainly found in silver and in bronze colour, and rarely in some other colours. They can be found in all shapes and sizes as well as a variety of designs and embellishments. When it comes to shape, it can be adorned in different motifs. It can be the brand’s logo, your initials or western symbols like cattle horns.

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Primarily, cowboys used hats to shield their eyes from the sun, protect their faces from sunburn and defend their ears from frostbite. Today, the cowboy hat is a must-have accessory if you’re going for a full cowboy look. And when looking for a hat, there are two characteristics that you’ll have to bear in mind, and those are the shape of the hat and the material.

Regarding the material, the two most commonly used materials used for cowboy hats are felt and straw, with felt being the more expensive material. The choice should depend on the season you’re going to wear it in. Felt hats can keep you warm, whereas straw hats are breathable and can help prevent sweating.

As for the shape, it will depend on the shape of your face. For individuals with thin and elongated face shapes, a hat with a medium crown height is most suitable. The shorter crown will help to create a mote flattering proportion for fuller faces. It’s also worth knowing that cowboy hats are not adjustable, so when choosing the right hat, make sure that it is the correct size in order to feel comfortable while wearing it.


The most important symbol of cowboys and western wear. What makes the cowboy boot so unique and different from others, is its narrowness and specialty heel. That and the bold and distinctive embellishments which are often found.

When shopping for the best fitting boot, it usually comes down to width, length and toe style. Most cowboy boot manufacturers create models that vary in heel height and toe shape that both genders can wear. Boots with a heel that measures 5 cm in height are only available for women, while shorter heels are available for both males and females. When it comes to the toe shape, there are also varieties, but mostly for women so they have more toe shape options to choose than men.

There are 5 basic designs of boots, and those are:
● Classic Western
● Roppers
● Stockman
● Western work
● Buckaroo

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When talking about jeans for cowboys, it must be mentioned that there are special boot-cut style jeans that provide the necessary room for the cowboy boots to go underneath. Only those who are performing fieldwork on horseback would want to tuck their jeans into the cowboy boots, otherwise, it’s not very comfortable.


Western-style shirts range from collared to collarless, solid to plaid, and come in many colours. In fact, the typical cowboy shirt consists of a simple button-down that is either long-sleeved or short-sleeved. A denim or flannel shirt will also work fit in your western outfit. Western shirts are very characteristic and there are particular elements commonly found in them, such as: western yoke, cuffs, snaps, smile pockets, piping, saddle stitching, embroidery, embellishment, border print.


An easy way to make a Western statement is by putting on a cowboy jacket. Traditionally worn among the Western crowd are the denim or leather jackets. However, recently, fashion has taken a few steps forward and started including ponchos and capes too. They feature embroidered leather, fur, and fringe accents.

Another option for a jacket that is suitable for a western outfit is a desert suede jacket, imitating the look of deerskin. These jackets were designed with fringes which allowed the wet jacket to dry more easily. Then, another option is the trucker jacket, which can be denim or corduroy or come with a shearling or borg lining.

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