Fashion Tips for Little Peeps: A Guide to Kids Hip Hop Wear

There’s nothing cuter than a little kid dressed in a unique way. No matter if your child attends hip hop dance classes or simply likes the cool and laidback vibe of this trend, hip hop wear will accentuate their personality and style. Kids fashion has developed over the years, and today designers and big fashion brands are offering a plethora of quality urban wear for kids that’s just as trendy and as fashionable as adults’ clothes.

But keep in mind, following fashion trends for kids should not be a burden, but a fun activity for both you and your little one. Don’t forget that kids should remain kids. That being said, the kids streetwear you buy should be age-appropriate, and of course, it should be comfortable and durable so that it can suit your child’s’ active lifestyle. If you’re looking for kids hip hop wear, here are a few tips I’d like to share with you.

Comfort Comes First

First of all, when it comes to shopping for kids clothing, comfort is more important than style. Kids should not be trapped in restricting and heavy clothes that won’t let them move freely. Also, the materials should preferably be made of natural fibres which have many benefits over synthetic ones. Natural fibres are breathable, and considering how kids are active, this means that your child won’t sweat that easily in a natural-fibre shirt or develop a rash which is a common case with synthetic fabrics.

When choosing an outfit make sure your kid can run, jump and play, and be an entirely free kid. No matter how temperamental your kid is, they will surely climb trees, jump, bend over. Ask yourself if your child will still be able to do these activities if they wear the clothes you get for them.

Make sure your choice is practical and that you won’t stress over when you’ll have to put the clothes on your child. For instance, if you have a toddler that is potty training, pick clothes that are cosy to wear, easy to put on and take off. Due to the baggy and laidback fit, kids hip hop wear allows you to provide your kid with all that while looking trendy and modern. Pick models that are easy-maintenance and don’t stain easily as you’ll surely have to deal with food and grass stains.

Clothes with a million buttons are too complicated, ties and poorly stitched decorations are a big no. Many details can easily fall off and even be a choking hazard. And if you have to unbutton many buttons when your kid must use the bathroom, you already know what might happen. Pick simpler designs that are easy for putting on and taking off.

Kids hip hop fashion

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What Designs to Wear

Kids hip hop fashion is excellent because it allows you to pick various models, colours, and designs. Your boy or girl will be amazed to see that they can wear cool clothes that will let them move freely, dance, run, jump and do whatever they please. Kids streetwear isn’t limited only for children who attend hip hop dance classes. You can pick a pair of hip hop pants and a top for your little one for their regular day at school, or for a day at the mall.

When it comes to design, it’s best to let your child have a say in his or her own style. But if your child is too young to have their own preferences, experiment to see which designs will work best for them. Go for pieces that can complement any outfit, like for instance a plaid shirt that can be worn over a plain T-shirt and paired with jeans or pants of any kind. And if you want to make it easier for you to create a variety of outfits and avoid fashion blunders when your kid wants to have a say, choose clothes in neutral colours and simple patterns.

Always wash the clothes before your kid wears them to prevent any unwanted irritations. Even if you firmly believe that you know your kid’s size, be careful when you make the purchase. Not every size is right; make sure you read the dimensions especially if you buy urban kids clothes online. If you’re purchasing from an online store, it’s better to check all info or even ask the customer service for more details (including if they will refund you in case the clothes don’t fit).

What Hip Hop Shoes to Wear

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What Hip Hop Shoes to Wear

Your child deserves to wear quality shoes. During the early years, children’s feet develop at a fast pace, and as such children should wear shoes that fit right and won’t cause any discomfort. You’d want to get shoes that will help the foot develop properly. The good news is that the market offers excellent hip hop shoes even for the youngest, like for instance Nike Air Jordan.

These sneakers are ideal for hip hop dancing, but, your kid doesn’t need to attend any dance classes to wear such shoes. These models fit the foot perfectly, keep the ankle and instep in place, and allow your kid to run and jump as much as they want. What kids love about these shoes are the vibrant colours and the fact that they look cool enough for school, hanging at the mall, birthday parties or a chill day at the park.

Dressing for the Weather

Finally, you need to make sure your kid is always dressed for the weather. You can get the most stylish clothes but if they’re too thick and heavy for a hot day, they won’t be so great. Don’t forget that no matter how young, your kid doesn’t feel cold just because you believe they do. If the day is chillier, dress your kid in layers so they could easily take off one piece if they get hot.

The good news is that streetwear is all about layers, so you shouldn’t have any problems to dress your child in a weather-appropriate way. For instance, you can dress your little one in a simple T-shirt with an oversized hoodie on top for a spring or autumn day when the weather is unpredictable.

In the end, let your kid have a choice. If your son or daughter doesn’t feel like wearing the combination you picked for them, let them be. Allow them to pick the clothes they want to wear and stimulate their creativity. The most important thing is that they feel good in the clothes and that they like what they wear. You as a parent should be there to support even the wildest combination of colours and styles.

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