The Best 3 Cases You Can Get for Your Galaxy S6 in 2019

The need for stylish and more protective cases has never been so high as nowadays new models of phones are constantly being introduced on the market and it would be a real shame to leave these new precious investments unprotected. With phone features like on-screen fingerprint scanners and wireless power share, the new models of cases also need to keep up with their designs and features in order to keep the device they’re meant for intact. However, if you are someone who is still holding on to the features and battery life of the Samsung S6 and you are not really interested in getting the newer versions of Android, I have good news. There are still some cases that offer great quality and don’t look dated at all. Here are some of them.

Lifeproof FRE

Although there is just one model left from this case series since it started being manufactured back in 2015, there’s still hope for the S6. On the official website of this manufacturer, there’s only one colour option left for the Samsung s6 Lifeproof case, which is black. However, statistics show that black cases are the most sold ones, due to their sleek and professional design and look. Until recently, there used to be a white colour option which was called Avalanche, but they stopped producing it due to the lack of interest on the part of buyers. However, regardless of that, this case series is a real beauty – besides its great aesthetics, it is also waterproof and can withstand a great deal of impact.

Despite the fact that it adds a bit of bulk to your phone, this case is still very lightweight yet durable. The Samsung S6 Lifeproof case is made to endure extreme conditions and you don’t need to worry about dirt getting into it. The buttons, camera, heart rate monitor and fingerprint sensor are all easily accessible despite the fact that the case has a built-in screen protector and covers the buttons. It is not made to be used during hiking and camping adventures but it still offers a great level of protection from accidental falls.

Caseology Wavelength

The futuristic look of this case will certainly attract the attention of many people – if that’s what you want to gain from it then you don’t need to look any further. If you are looking for more than just being the centre of attention, don’t worry as this case also comes with a very good grip on the back and protects your camera very well. The textured back cover comes in the accent colour of the case which is also used on the button covers and the frame. Because of the protruding nature of the camera, there’s a small descending wedge that merges with the back of the case.

The interior of this case is made out of rubber for added protection and the shape of the case makes it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. This is a TPU case which means that it will be very easy to fit it on your device. Although it isn’t very rugged in terms of material, it still provides solid protection and fits well all the cutouts for the ports.

Speck Candyshell Grip

Although not as eye-catching as the previous one, Speck’s Candyshell case offers a good grip on the back which is somewhat similar to Caseology’s Wavelength. This case has an all-around rubber protrusion to protect the screen from scratches when laying face down and it is also very lightweight. Your phone will fit in your pocket perfectly well even with the case on, despite having that ridge around the screen.

Specks Candyshell case will provide good gripping points even on the side of your S6 while providing great access to the buttons. The case does feel very good in the hand but the stripes that swivel around the sides of the case tend to peel off over time. The core of the case comes packed with some military-grade protection with a dual-layered design, so you are definitely safe in that regard. It also has a very hard shell which can absorb some pretty serious impacts.

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