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Thermal Transfer Printing: Things to Know

Running a business requires a lot, there’s no question about it. You need to invest your time, knowledge as well as money to be able to pull it off, and it takes continuous upgrading to keep up and stand out from the competition.

When it comes to financial investments, you have to be sure what you pay for would bring about more benefits as opposed to turn out to be a waste of money. As technology is constantly advancing, one of the must-haves to ensure your business success and keeping the pace with technology is purchasing thermal transfer printer and thermal transfer ribbon.

Looking for the reasons to buy them, you wouldn’t wait too long to be convinced because they’re perfect if you want to make the most of customisation, printing out tags and labels with your brand while at the same time having fun using different colours and materials.

Best of all is these printers are efficient, working at high speeds without even needing much maintenance, and the result is high resolution images. Thanks to the wide range of quality thermal transfer ribbon options from a variety of brands, you can expect to get images that are highly durable, resistant to abrasion.

thermal transfer ribbon

Taking these aspects into account you might as well agree having your own thermal transfer printer pays off. One word of caution though is to pay more attention to the choice of thermal ribbons.

Yes, the wax, wax resin and resin thermal ribbons have been through a great deal of testing, and they’re all ideal for high quality printing, but the one you use now might not be the one you use later, depending on the production process itself, how much chemical resistance and durability it is you require.

Apart from the importance to evaluate your requirements based on the tags and labels you want to have, it’s advisable to get to know a bit more about each of the types of thermal transfer ribbons.

For instance, if you’re looking for something more common, suitable for various applications that don’t require that much strength, then the wax ribbons are the choice to go for. When looking for an alternative that’s more resistant to wear and tear and is the best of both worlds (wax and resin), the wax/resin combination is your safest bet.

While the wax is solely great for indoor use, the wax/resin is perfect for indoors and outdoors alike, but neither is that resistant to chemicals, moisture and high temperatures like the resin thermal ribbons.

Lastly, based on the type of label you print, you can choose the ribbon width while also having the printer in mind to ensure it’s the right fit.

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