Functionality Over Appeal: Get the Right Phone Case

Don’t you think that splurging over $1000 for the new iPhone XS sounds a bit over the top? All that for a phone that doesn’t have an earphone jack port and is just a slight upgrade in terms of performance than its previous models. Even more so if you just leave it unprotected so you can show off with it or just want to be reminded every time you use it how pretty it looks. And while all iPhone models are sleek and have awesome designs, today there are manufacturers that design phone cases for all ages and tastes. In other words, you’d be silly not to protect your hefty investment with a phone case that will add to its appeal and safety.

I see far too many people walking around with scratched or even straight out broken screens and cameras on their thousand dollars worth devices, and I see even more people walking around with cheap cases from eBay or Amazon that offer no protection, but they look cute and flashy. What most of these people don’t seem to understand is that the purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone against impact, not to make it look like a toddler’s toy phone.

That brings me to my main point – don’t give in to the absurdly high market prices that iPhone and Samsung have set, and get a more reasonably-priced phone from their older releases. Alternatively, get an off-brand phone that’s cheaper. Granted, everyone is trying to rip you off, but some not as much as others. Then, as soon as you get your phone, get a proper phone case that’s going to protect is as much as humanly possible. One case I’ve had a great experience with is the urban gear phone case, also known as a UAG case.

The urban gear phone case models are tough, impact-resistant, yet very lightweight. They feature scratch-resistant skid pads and screen surround, and they meet military drop-test standards. You can find such a case for any type of iPhone, meaning they’re compatible with the apple pay and wireless charging. The benefits of having such a phone case are obvious – it looks good and it offers the best protection possible, thus protecting your phone’s resale value.

At the end of the day, a sub $100 investment that will protect your hundreds of dollars-worth phone and prolong its lifespan significantly is totally reasonable. When looking for a phone case, prioritize functionality over appeal and carefully consider all the options you have.

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