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The Ultimate Way to Lure Game: the Different Types of Deer Calls

Deer hunters have used calls for thousands of years as a hunting tactic to lure game into range. These pieces are specifically designed to mimic the sounds that deer make in order to pique the interest of a lurking buck or to make that trophy whitetail turn just enough to land a quality shot. The more experienced hunters are familiar with deer calls, however, there are still some people who have never used them out of fear of spooking whitetails away. Another reason for that may also be not knowing the sounds deer make and when to utilize a call. Here’s a bit of info on the matter.


A grunt is very useful in situations when a buck is visible but not in shooting distance, or when you want to attract one that is not in sight. Remember, the grunt is a dominance call which will lure the buck in your area to check if there’s another one marking its territory. Deer calls made using a grunt should be in 30-minute intervals, varying from short bursts to long notes. Use the grunt when the buck is not facing you, otherwise, you will easily blow your cover. This is the most commonly used call during the entire rut season.


Using bleat deer calls in the rut is the best period for attracting does as they bleat the most in this time of year since they are being watched by bucks. This deer call will oftentimes attract other does which will lead more bucks. Fawns also use a bleating sound to call for their mothers but they are at a higher pitch than the ones coming from a more mature doe. This call is most effective when used together with grunt calls and it is very easy to use and attract both bucks and does.


The rattle is used during the rut cycle, and knowing how it changes during the different stages is key to imitate it. When bucks start the rut cycle they first make a sparring session where they headbutt softly to determine their dominance. In the most engaging part of the rut, bucks are more aggressive and the rattling needs to be as well, and in the post-rut, some does come to headbutt with the more experienced ones. With the rattle, you need to make the right amount of sound in the different rut periods in order to be successful.

Snort Wheeze

This is also a dominance call and it is used by bigger bucks to show their dominance over other smaller bucks. This call consists of two short bursts and then a longer one. This is a noise that is not made too often and you should be careful using it as it can put the buck off but it can also attract it if used correctly in the rut season. Not a common call but it attracts bigger prey if used in a specific period and in a specific way.

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