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Steel Security Doors – Improve Your Security Without Compromising on Appeal

One of the best ways to secure both occupied and vacant properties is by installing a security door. Security doors make properties against trespassers virtually impenetrable. A lot of owners use steel security screens on their windows for one reason or another, but they often overlook the door as an obvious and vulnerable point of entry. The main reason I say doors are overlooked is because many people disregard the fact that bolts and padlocks can easily be breached with the right tools.

security door

That being said, people who live in high-risk areas may benefit greatly from investing in steel security doors. Empty homes and commercial buildings are always vulnerable, and steel security doors offer various different benefits that completely close the vulnerability gap. For instance, some security doors feature 12 point locking mechanisms, anti-level hinge bolts, in-built steel reinforcement, anti-level frame lips, anti-bump, anti drill and snap euro locks and many other features that make them impregnable to attempted break-ins.

Not only are they practically impregnable, but more importantly – they look like it. The look of security doors is almost ominous-like, and no thief in his right mind would spend time trying to break through it when he can just go to the property next-door that has a standard door. That being said, security doors come in various different sizes and specifications, in order to accommodate every person’s specific needs.

Although made of steel, the security door doesn’t necessarily have to look like an entry point to a dungeon. In fact, most designs can be replicated using steel designs, so you won’t have to compromise on the look. Moreover, you can still fit the standard door accessories like door handles, knobs, spy holes and mailboxes to ensure the functionality that a domestic door would offer, while also ensuring it looks residential.

Additionally, these doors are typically low maintenance and are a money and time-saving investment in the long term. This is due to the fact that they’re very durable because there are no parts that can deteriorate, which allows them to maintain their look while being break-in,weather and rust resistant. Moreover, they can have a powder-coated finish in a wide range of colours, which only adds to their appeal and durability.

Lastly, these doors can offer protection against fire, due to the fact that may be fitted to eliminate cracks and draughts for the smoke to escape through. Moreover, they’re heat resistant and offer protection against fire for a few hours, which is enough time to make a difference when getting help and raising an alarm.

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