Here’s What to Pay Attention to When looking for Cowboy Boots

There are not only many different sizes and colours of shoes, but also different styles, fashion and not to mention brands. So then in this veritable sea of choice of what we put on our feet, what makes the cowboy boot so special?

The cowboy boot is the quintessential trademark of western footwear even though there are more than enough other types of shoes that also fall into this category and are as fashionable. The truth is that there is no other type of shoe or boot that has such a recognizable style and shape as the cowboy boot – even people that can’t tell the difference between army boots and dress shoes can still immediately recognize them in a split second glance. However, just because you can tell what they are just by looking at them doesn’t mean that you know what aspects you need to look out for when you are picking out a pair, or more precisely, which would suit you the best in terms of fit rather than looks.

western footwear2

The most important thing when fitting a boot is to make sure the ball of your foot is at the widest part of the boot and change it for a different size if you find that it is too far forward or too far back. For an accurate measurement always try on both boots and stand in the same posture and weight distribution that you normally do. Next, make sure that there is at least a thumb’s width between the end of the boot and your fingers and that the shank of the boot and your foot have matching curve so that your foot feels comfortable where the arch is meeting the boot. The last part is the trial run, and while there is some widespread myth that these boots are meant to be uncomfortable, that is not even slightly true and just means you have the wrong size or design. If this is your first time trying to walk in cowboy boots, it should feel a little snug but not tight and your heel will probably slip a bit, but your sole shouldn’t be able to shift too much. Measure accordingly and see which style of this western footwear fits you the best.

The other very important question is – what do these boots go with? The answer is jeans. It doesn’t matter if they’re torn, shorts or skinny jeans or if they come in blue, black or any other colour in the spectrum, put on your boots and them put on your favourite pair of denims (preferably in the exact opposite order). The lace, the colour and the type of material the boots are made out of are entirely dependant on your own personal style and preferences, so pick whatever most appeals to you.

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