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A Few Ways in Which I Made My Apartment Bigger Than It Actually is

The first apartment I found after striking out on my own was about as big as the interior of my car, or at least it felt like that. After I became a bit more financially stable, I moved to a roomier place, but I still had trouble with space. Since moving again wasn’t an option, I decided to find another solution and started experimenting with a little amateur interior design. If your situation is anything like mine, then think of these as a few inside tips on how to live comfortably in a small apartment.

The first thing you should do, (which took me a while to figure out) is free up the space that your TV is taking up. When it comes to a TV wall installation Melbourne (my town) has many companies that can do the job properly, and quite a few self-proclaimed handymen that can do it as well, though your wall will also get a few more ventilation holes, free of charge of course. What the TV wall installation Melbourne professionals provided for me was the ability to make use of the cabinet the TV was taking up and put it at a more pleasing position for my neck and eyes. Additionally, it also made it more secure as now that it’s fixed to the wall and I don’t have to worry about the slightest thing tipping it over.

Put shelves everywhere. I don’t think you took me seriously, so I’ll repeat myself, put shelves everywhere! Your bedroom – shelves, your bathroom – shelves, the closet you stuff your clothes in when you know guests are coming over – put some shelves in there too. What is essentially a piece of wood nailed to the wall, did wonders in drastically de-cluttering my apartment and took a heavy load off of my tables, which were almost creaking under the weight at one point. Shelves are as multi-purpose as they come, since you can put anything you like on them from books and decorations, to your keys and other small items we all constantly misplace and lose.

Speaking of multi-purpose, that should be the phrase to keep in mind when choosing your furniture as well. Try and avoid getting decorative or overly large tables and chairs and instead find some that you can use for a variety of reasons. I would also recommend getting a couch with space underneath, or a bed with a drawer since they can both serve as a very effective wardrobe if you don’t have enough room for one. And finally, under no circumstance even think of getting a mirror and simple sink for your bathroom, but rather get a complete sink cabinet along with a matching medicine cabinet with a mirror.

There are honestly dozens, if not hundreds of other things you can do to make your living space that little bit more roomy, and these were only the things that I thought of and which have worked for me personally. Each person is different, so try out some other design ideas as well and try to come up with a few of your own.

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