polymer clay supplies
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Polymer Clay: Bring Unlimited Creative Projects to Life

Who says that you can show off your artistic expressions only through painting and drawing?! The truth is that you can easily bring out your artistic side through clay art as well. Clay art dates back centuries, and still is a common type of art used by artists. One of the most common types of polymer clay you can find in art supply stores is polymer clay.

What Is Polymer Clay?

polymer clay supplies
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It’s a synthetic modelling clay made from PVC (polymer polyvinyl chloride) which is a type of plastic. That explains where it gets its longevity from. This art medium is known for its versatility, simplicity and pliability. The greatest feature of this clay is that it allows for being baked even in home ovens without the fear of reshaping or losing its colour and size.
Working with this clay is super easy which is why it is favoured by beginners, professionals and even by children. No matter how long you work with it, it won’t harden while modelling it because it doesn’t dry by air but only by baking.

What Is Polymer Clay Used for?

This clay is used for many crafts like home decoration pieces, jewellery, pottery, sculpture, scrapbooking and more.


Benefits of Using Such Tools

In order to work with it, aside from your hands, you’ll also need some essential and handy polymer clay supplies for more precision. These supplies are a good investment if you plan on using clay for more than just once.

The right type of polymer tools will help you work faster and improve your techniques. Having the right tools will help you work easier which is essential when creating more than one clay item. Instead of using a regular knife (like most beginners do), the right clay carving tools will help you make more precise cuts.

They will also help you work better on all the details which can add uniqueness to your polymer clay crafts. Aside form being able to make even the tiniest detail on the clay, some of these polymer clay supplies and tools have the ability to remove any lingering fingerprints or dings on your work. With tools of this kind by your hand, you’ll be able to be more accurate with your techniques and create professional-looking clay projects.

Types of Tools

polymer clay supplies
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Just like with many other art tools, the choice of clay art supplies these days is huge, giving you the chance to choose the right ones for your project.

Working Surface

Instead of working on a table or countertop, it would be a great idea to invest in a plastic cutting board to work on. You can also use some kind of tile or ceramic coasters as a base since they are heat proof and you can bake your clay piece directly with it.

Craft Knife

Such a knife is needed for cutting delicate pieces and making fine details on the clay piece.


Having several blades can come handy when in the need to cut clay in straight lines and lift it from the working surface in order to work with it or to bake the final product.


Having cutters of different kinds is beneficial for different kinds of projects. For instance, if you plan to make many mini cakes, you should invest in round cutters. You can also invest in loop tool, fettling knife, pottery wheel, ribbon cutter, wire clay cutter, etc.

Dotting Tools

polymer clay supplies
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These ball-shaped tools with handles are used for creating circle-shaped holes in the clay. They are available in different sizes, so investing in a set of dotting tools will help you stay prepared for any project.

Paint Brushes

Once your clay piece is baked, in most cases you’ll need a set of brushes to give colour and appeal to your finished pieces.


When it comes to choosing the right paint, you can always choose from acrylic and water-based paints since both of them allow for being baked unlike oil paint. Aside from this, you can also choose varnishes that are specifically designed for polymer clays.

Metal Carving/Sculpting Tools

Aside from using them for carving the polymer clay art until you obtain the needed design, you can also use them for mixing solid and liquid clay to make frosting. Cleaning them is super easy since all you need is to rinse them with water.


The easiest way to create texture on your clay is with the help of scrapers. Nowadays, you can choose from an extensive range of scrapers ranging in size, type and shape, giving you the chance to choose just the right type you need for your project. However, when none of them seems to be suitable for your project, you can always give a try to the good old toothbrush or even aluminium foil to create some unique-looking texture on your art piece.

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