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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is not an easy task. Especially with so many options there, can be very challenging to make the right decision. However, some gifts can work wonderfully for any occasion and show that you have put your time and thought into the gift. 

Think of greeting cards. They are a timeless gift that can be given at any moment that symbolises connection and tells the person that you’re thinking about them. Greeting cards are sentimental gifts wrapped in card envelopes that bring joy to whoever receives them. Or you can create a memory lane of some of the most cherished moments in a person’s life captured in photos. What a beautiful way to tell a story that will be long cherished by revisiting those moments through a photobook. 

Five Thoughtful Gifts For Your Loved Ones 

DIY Greeting Cards

Greeting Card

You may wonder what are the uses of greeting cards and whether are they make a good gift. Greeting cards are a sentimental way to show someone that you care. They make lifetime memorabilia, create feelings of comfort and intimacy and help us stay connected. We can always go back and read the card again and reminisce about the most meaningful moments in our lives. 

Sending a greeting card to someone we love is also about taking the time to write or create something that we know will make the person much happier. A card is a simple way of letting someone know you are thinking about them. 

Making the card is the best part of the process. It’s fun, and creative and brings feelings of joy and happiness. There are plenty of blank cards and card envelopes to buy online, allowing your imagination to flow and create a unique and personalised gift. 

Greeting cards come in a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes, and many of these cards come with already-added creases to the paper for easy folding. You can also find online cards with pre-cut scalloped circle aperture or plastic clear treat cups which can be used to add some beads and glitter. 

There are different ways to decorate the card. You can either write a  meaningful message, draw something that will get the message across, paint, glue some pop-up DIY origami, pearls or microbeads or use some glitter to add a touch of glamour to the card. Another great idea of what to put inside greeting cards is inserting a printed photo of you and the person. You don’t need to be limited only to personal photos. You can also use pictures of nature, animals, cities etc. 

You can also glue them on the front page of the card and as such, give them individually, or you can make a collection of greeting cards with different photos and wrap them in a nicely decorated box. If the card is not already folded, make sure to fold the card first before you go on and glue the photos. 

Whether it’s a last-minute b-day gift or a Christmas present, blank cards and envelopes are so versatile and easy to customize that you can turn them into anything you want. So, if ever in doubt about what to gift to your loved ones, a greeting card is always the best choice.

Personalised Photo Books 

Personalised Photo Book

Showcasing the best photos on a paper layout is another great idea to gift something long-lasting and meaningful. Photobooks are a great way to create a memory lane of the most significant moments of one person’s life. It’s super easy to do it yourself and you’ll have fun throughout the process. 

The best way is to order a ready-made photobook and fill it up with pictures. Browse businesses that offer this option and choose a format you like the most for your photobook. Before you start uploading photos in a photo editor app, first organise the photos. Use only those with the best resolution and pick a theme. Each page of the photo book can have a different theme. That’s up to you. 

When you upload the photos in the photo editor, make sure to leave just enough space between photos to achieve a visually appealing and cohesive look. You don’t want to create a visual clutter. You can also add text to each theme or page in the photo book to enhance the story that you’re trying to get across. Review and check the final design of the photobook, choose the book cover and submit the changes you’ve made. 

If you want a cheaper alternative, you can also do that with a notebook. Make sure that the notebook is with hard covers and has blank pages. Print the photos you’d like to showcase, glue them on each page and add some text throughout the pages for a fun and creative touch. 

A Collection of Their Favourite Drink

You can never go wrong with this idea. This is something that you’ll know they’ll definitely use. Whether they’re a gin aficionado, or more into beer or wine, creating a collection of their favourite drink is easy. 

If you remember all the beers or wines you have tasted together, or if you know they have expressed an interest in trying something different, surprise them with the best brands in the market. Buy several different bottles of the drink, and put them in a larger basket. Decorate it with some nice flowers, wrapping paper or anything of your wish, and toss in some snacks that go with beer or wine to spice things up. Put in bottle openers and greeting cards with a meaningful or funny message for a personal touch. 

Curated Basket of Their Favourite Food

Food Basket

Surprising the person you care the most about with their favourite snacks is just the perfect gift idea. Do they have a sweet tooth, or are more keen on salty snacks? Depending on their taste, you can make a carefully curated basket with some sweet delights or some of the tastiest salty snacks. Add in a few packs of tea, their favourite juice or a pack of coffee to cheer them up even more. 

If the person is vegan, fill in the basket with vegan chocolate and snacks, vegan chocolate spreads, dry fruit and nuts, vegan crackers, vegan alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and a vegan cookbook. The gift will be highly cherished and it speaks that you’ve put your thoughts and heart into creating the best present for them. 

Basket of Self-Care/Beauty Products 

A basket full of beauty goodies will make everyone happy. It signifies self-care time and it shows that you’re making sure that the person is getting all the love they need. A basket or a decorative container can be used to store face sheet masks, face cleansers, serums, face cream, under-eye patches, and sun protection products. To spice things up even more, throw in a gift card to their favourite skincare brand. 

Another sweet idea is to prepare a bubble bath/spa basket that will feel luxurious and smell delicious. Add anything from loofahs and shower gloves, body brushes, body lotions and scrubs, to showering gels, scented candles and bath bombs to create a spa-like feeling.

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