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Expert Care: What to Expect When Hiring a Tree Service Company

What Are the Uses of Trees?

Trees have an invaluable importance for biodiversity, battling global warming, and improving the air we breathe. The valuable assets they are for the entire world and all living beings in it, maintaining them is paramount. Tree maintenance is closely related to prevention of possible diseases, so it shouldn’t be neglected. And, in the worst case scenario of a disease that affects the whole tree, there’s may be the need for its proper and timely removal.

Types of Tree Removal Services

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Whether you like it or not, in some cases, trees can be affected beyond recovery, so hiring professional tree cutting service as soon as possible is the only way to prevent some further complications. Instead of removing a tree on your own, handing over the job to a professional who has the professional equipment for it can save you both money and time. Generally speaking, there are different methods they would resort to:

Standard Removal

This procedure is done by arborists and it’s mainly done on smaller trees that are dead, damaged, diseased or broken. With the help of the right equipment and their knowledge and expertise, they’ll be able to remove it professionally and promptly.

Crane-Assisted Removal

As you can assume by now, the assistance of a crane is needed when removing larger trees that cannot be managed otherwise. This way of tree removal leaves minimal impact to the surrounding with literally no damage at all.

Stump Grinding

Cutting the tree on its own without removing the roots isn’t the best solution for removing a damaged or old tree. Instead, leaving a stump isn’t only unsightly but it can also become a risky place, especially for kids. So, if by any means you have removed the tree but have been left with a stump in the ground, you can hire tree services and let the experts do their job professionally and efficiently.

Working with professionals also means that, above all, they’ll carry out a risk assessment and come up with the most convenient tree cutting and removal plan. They can also manage traffic management if required, assess power line risks, tidy up any mess, and remove all material from the site. Given the fact that each state has different requirements, the chosen company should also be able to complete all required paperwork by the local government.

How to Know When a Tree Needs to Be Removed?

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While it can be quite difficult for someone to see and spot the potential signs of a dangerous tree, still, there are some key indicators that you can look for:

  • Large holes and hollows on it;
  • A tree that starts to lean or lurch;
  • A tree that’s split;
  • Dead or hanging branches;
  • Visibly damaged or decaying roots;
  • Cavities and cracks in the trunk;
  • Mushrooms that can be found at the tree’s base.

While all of these things are a clear sign that a tree needs to be removed, sometimes, there are situations which require for the removal of a healthy one. Quite often, the reason for this is because it’s planted near power lines, when obstructing the traffic view, and when it’s obstructing the view from your home.

Other Services Offered by Professional Arborists

Aside from their professional removal services, they can also provide you with some other services.


Even though planting seems like a pretty straightforward thing, the truth is that if you want your natural ‘air purifier/s’ to have a healthy start, you should do it the right way. Aside from doing their job professionally, arborists can also help you decide which species are best for the region you live in and the type of soil your property has. This will ensure you get a tree that will grow healthy and mature to its full size, and one that will provide you with all of its environmental and economic benefits.


Tree pruning by tree service

Arborists can also provide you with their pruning services which basically means selective removal of certain parts of it like branches and buds. Unlike all of us amateurs, arborists are well aware of how to do the job properly to maintain and even improve the safety, appearance and health of trees. Thanks to pruning, arborists can improve their shape, and form, and can reduce the risk of any possible damage in the future.

Control Disease and Insect Problems

Last but not least, hiring the professional services of an arborist can help you control diseases and insect invasions. Through their preventive care and immediate solution in the case of disease, arborists can improve the state of trees and promote healthy growth.

When receiving proper care, trees will be able to protect themselves from any kind of disease, insect invasion, and any kind of other problems. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure, so when having trees around your property, make sure to use the professional removal services of a tree company including their overall care and maintenance services.

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