Selfie Frame

Personalised Selfie Frames: The Perfect Photo Props for Any Special Event

What Are Selfie Frames?

These frames for selfies are a relatively new trend in the business and even social media world. They’re mainly made from cardboard or foam with a business logo, slogan or text design. They are designed to be held in hands as a faux photo frame for a selfie photo.

Benefits of Using This Entertaining Prop

Selfie Frames

Improved Engagement

Regardless of the event, these frames can make your colleagues, and all the people at the event, closer. A fun selfie frame can create a relaxed ambience to be in, and this may lead to more in-depth conversations which will result in some long and trustworthy connections with clients. On the other hand, when used for personal events and parties, these frames can help you connect with someone you haven’t even imagined.

Improved Social Sharing & Recognition

These events are all about having fun for sure, however, these frames will certainly encourage social sharing at the time of the event. This will lead to an improved number of organic followers on social media. When throwing a party with a personalised photo frame prop, everyone you know or you might not know will be aware of how good and fun host you are thanks to the many social shares.

Affordable Investment

A photo prop frame certainly is one of the most affordable investments you can make which will give you a huge return on investment. This will happen in terms of engagement, leads and success at your event which in the long run will result in improving your overall business success.



A cardboard selfie frame is one of the most commonly used types. Aside from being lightweight, cardboard designs are also thinner which makes them easy to hold in hands. Frames made from this material allow for being printed with literally any kind of dye and design. 

The most important thing you should have in mind though (aside from choosing the right size, print and design of course) is to consider the cardboard material and coating. The chosen cardboard frame for a selfie should be printed with UV inks that are sustainable, and have no hazardous air pollutants in their composition. Cardboard of this kind is weatherproof and more durable, making it ideal for long-term use.


These frames are another great choice for frames. Usually, they’re made from thinner foam that is rigid, durable and lightweight. Even though made from foam, the used type for photo props allows for being printed.

How Can You Use Them for Your Business?

Selfie Frames for your Business


You can use these frames to randomly snap customers in your store and also the ones that make brand-new purchases. With their approval, aside from posting the picture online, you can also tag them which will improve the organic traffic on your online store.

Exhibition Visitors

For those of you who want to make an instant connection with your customers, you can snap selfies with them at your trade shows and exhibitions that you can post on social media and tag them. This personal touch will help them create a deeper and emotional connection with you which will improve your sales in the long run.

Corporate Party

Nowadays, any corporate party won’t be complete without the use of branded photo frames for selfies. Let your employees have fun while taking selfies and tagging your company.

Product Launches

Launching a new product these days is more successful when having a frame for selfies incorporated into its promotion. This has proven to be a fun way to give your customers a moment they will remember.

Where Else Can You Use Them?

Birthday Party Selfie Frame

Birthday Parties

A birthday party cannot be complete without taking several photos with your guests, so why not make your birthday even more special with the help of a photo frame of this kind?! You can choose from a wide range of birthday selfie photo frame designs and sizes that will help you make some unforgettable memories.

Graduation Parties

A personalised photo frame for a selfie will make a graduation ceremony even more fun. Just choose the frame’s right size and design, and add some text like name, date of party and some catchy phrase.


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so making it unforgettable is one of the best things you can do. Aside from the amazing music and food, make sure to take some memorable photos with the help of this special frame. There are numerous jaw-dropping designs and photo ideas available on the Internet, so make sure to browse over them and pick the ones that’ll best meet your wedding theme.  

You can also use a custom frame board of this kind for making unique photos on some important holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter among others. This innovative idea will help you have fun while creating some core memories.

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