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Instrument Case The True Protector of Every Music Maker

Ever had that dream where you follow a weird naked Indian and he takes you in the middle of the desert where you meet Jim Morison and he tells you to take good care of your instruments? Yeah, me neither, but the man is totally right. If you own a musical instrument, you probably know how expensive they can be. However, despite the cost, if it is well maintained and stored properly, it can last you more than a lifetime. A large part of keeping your instruments in good shape is proper storage and transportation. And I am not talking about bubble wrap, I am talking about an instrument case specifically designed to perfectly fit a certain instrument and protect it from anything that might damage it.

instrument case

There are different cases for all types of instruments, whether it’s an electric guitar, an antique violin, a vintage keyboard, an 808 drum machine, or an actual drum set. Today, instrument cases are safer than ever. You can choose between a hard instrument case or a padded gig bag. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages and choosing one largely depends on your needs.

Some of the obvious advantages of a hard instrument case is that it offers protection from impact and external loads while securing the instrument in place and preventing it from moving around within the case. The down side is that I can be a bit bulky to carry around. The other one is that it is limited with colours and styles, but you can easily compensate that with some cool stickers. Most of today’s models have a hard plastic shell with clasps that hold it together. The inside is padded with materials like styrofoam which is moulded to the exact shape of the instrument.

Gig bags, on the other hand, are much easier to carry, the padded exterior provides protection from minor bumps, there is a good choice of colours and styles, and they have additional pockets and storage space. However, having no rigid shell means that it won’t protect your instruments from heavier impacts and pressure from other items piled on top. How ever most people choose them for the extra mobility. They usually have backpack straps and a standard carrying handle which makes them perfect for students that are walking to school or maneuvering around crowded public transport. However, I wouldn’t recommend taking it on an airplane, considering how luggage is treated on airports. Chances are, it will end up smashed under a pile of other luggage.

With that being said, which type you choose depends on the instrument you play, your personal requirements, and of course, your taste.

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