Making Grandparents Smile: The Ultimate Christmas Gift List

Grandparents are some of the most important people in the life of every child. They’re real-life superheroes, and those who have them are extremely blessed. Grandparents really do deserve the best, and they need to be reminded of this all the time. So, when the merry season comes, be sure to stay prepared with a list of the most dazzling gifts for the most loving, caring and warm people in your life.

Personalised Photo Mugs


It only takes a few nice words, a smile, and a hug to make your grandparents happy, but can you imagine the look on their faces when they see a personalised gift of this kind?! By printing the mugs with the faces of all of their grandchildren, you’ll touch their hearts and warm them even more. This amazing mug photo printing idea will remind them of how special they are to you every day when they drink their tea or coffee from them.

The choice of personalised mug photo printing models is huge, giving you the chance to customise them according to your needs. When searching for the right one, you should first find a store that offers a variety of meaningful mug designs that can be customised and personalised to suit different sizes of photos, phrases, or wording.

With a printed mug like this, their favourite drink will be even more enjoyable. All it takes is to choose the right size and the type of mug you want. You should also consider the mugs’ colour which can be in any other colour than white on the rim, handle and inside.

Aside from the regular photo-printed mugs, you can opt for those models that reveal the photo only when a hot drink is poured into them. When in the search of the right mug, make sure to choose one that is made from quality ceramic that allows for being washed in the dishwasher as well.

But out of all things, maybe the most important one is considering the type of ink and print used for the mugs. The better the ink quality, the longer the mugs will stay in their perfect state and condition. So, what’s left is to pick the most treasured photo and print it on the mugs that will remind them of the most important things and moments in life.

Self-Watering Planter


No matter if we want to accept this or not, your grandparents are getting older, so easing their lives and showing them how much you love them is your obligation. It’s like returning the favour for all those times when they loved, helped and cared for you. Aside from helping them with groceries, or assisting them with online shopping, you can also pamper them with a self water planter/s that will reduce their time of watering the plants every few days.

With self-watering planters, they’ll never forget to water their plants which is pretty awesome. Using this unique invention is super easy as they’ll only need to fill in the reservoir with water and let the plants take the adequate amount of water whenever they need it. The only thing they’ll have to do is to check on the water reservoir and refill it when it’s empty.

You can choose from an extensive range of self water planter models ranging in size, shape, colour and design and pick just the right one for your home. Given the fact that these planters are designed to give plants the needed amount of water without losing the soil nutrients, this makes them the perfect option for growing herbs, spices, fruit and veggies. That way your grandparents’ garden of organic products will only grow more and will allow you to taste the most exquisite dishes from the sweet hands of your grandmum/granddad.

Just make sure to choose one that’s made from high-quality and food-safe plastic. Coming in a range of sizes, these planters can be small and handy enough to fit one corner of your kitchen’s countertop. That tiny they can be! Either way, one thing is certain, this gift of yours may lead to the purchase of many other self-watering planters that your grandparents will use literally for growing anything.

Tea Storage Box


While these days wooden tea storage boxes are extremely popular because of their appealing design, unfortunately, they’re mainly designed for tea in filter bags. But if your parents are tea connoisseurs and they love buying larger quantities of tea that need to be measured in order to be brewed, then you should certainly invest in a caddy tea storage box.

These metal kinds of tea boxes storage keep tea’s flavour much longer while keeping them in their perfect condition. According to tea experts, the tea preservation in a metal can limit the degradation of leaves which is much needed for real tea lovers. Light can also make the tea lose its aroma and taste which is another reason why you should invest in a dark metal storage box.

So, instead of collecting biscuit metal boxes or using some old ones, you can pamper your grandparents with a collection of several tea boxes storage cases that will meet their personal taste and kitchen décor. Just like any other type of tea box, the metal ones also come in a large selection of sizes, shapes, colours and designs, allowing you to pick just the right ones for your grandparents.

You can even choose a separate box for each of them, so now both of them will keep their favourite teas in their new and most favourite tea boxes. Just imagine the joy and love they’ll feel when drinking their favourite cup of tea in the personalised photo mug of their favourite grandchildren.

Priceless, right?! It truly is the little things that make people happy, and with a gift of this kind, the two most favourite people in your life will be more than happy. So why don’t you go online, browse through the huge range of amazing tea boxes and pick the best ones for them?!

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