7 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom and Make It Easy to Maintain

Your bathroom is one of your home’s most personal and private spaces. It’s where you’ll do most of your self-care, from applying face masks to relaxing in hot soaks. That is why it is critical to create a space you enjoy spending time in. It’s also worth noting that a bathroom can be updated and improved without requiring a total renovation. Here’s how:

1. Replace the Shower Curtain with Shower Screens


Your shower is your personal refreshing spa centre after a long, hard workout, as well as a relaxing wake-up call in the morning. And we all know that showers have the best acoustics for belting out the latest hits. But there’s something about navigating your way around a thin, flimsy shower curtain that can disrupt the entire paradise vibe.

The shower curtains are saggy. They’re awkward. They’re difficult to keep clean. And they’re just your average, everyday pain in the neck. If only there was a way to solve the modern-day shower curtain conundrum. Oh, there is one: replace them with sleek frameless shower screens that are stylish and great for the overall functionality of the bathroom. Since they have no frame, you don’t have to fret any scary mould build-ups either which further shows how beneficial they are for your overall well-being.

Since they’re basically shower glass panel without the frame, they’re transparent and open up your room’s airiness while also adding to its brightness. They’re not just perfect in small bathrooms, but also those that could use more natural light. The end result is an enhanced and cheery look instead of one that feels stuffy or obstructive like in the case with the curtain.

2.Repaint the Walls

A new coat of paint will make your bathroom appear clean and new. For your morning mirror routine, choose a shade of white, ivory, or cream that reflects the most natural light. Without using blush, a soft pink can give you a flattering flush of colour.

Bold, bright wall colours may reflect unflattering on your skin. By contrast, blues can exaggerate undereye circles and bring out blemishes, whereas green can give you a sickly pallor. For you and prospective buyers, a light colour is usually the best bet.

In your local home improvement store, look for popular mould-resistant paints and primers. To avoid peeling, use a primer. A primer will adhere and seal the paint to the wall, preventing moisture from penetrating and separating the two.

3. Make Sure You Have a Functioning Bath Fan

The primary function of an exhaust fan is to remove moisture from the bathroom including the water drops on your frameless shower screens and as such it can reduce your cleaning chores. These fans also aid in the control and elimination of bathroom odours. Furthermore, they improve the safety of the home and its occupants by reducing fumes from cleaning agents that may cause health problems.

Replace your noisy old bath fan with a quieter model or one that reduces humidity by wicking moisture away from bathroom surfaces. This will benefit your maintenance in a variety of ways, one of which is a dryer and a more sanitary bathroom.

4. Change Your Showerhead, Faucet, and Hardware


The quickest way to make your bathroom feel new and clean is to replace your shower rail and head. Other than this, you can further do some changes with the cabinet knobs, shower hooks or rings, towel racks, toilet paper holders, and mirror frames when deciding to fully upgrade the bathroom hardware.

Match the finish of hardware that serves the same purpose or occupies the same space. Replace any hardware that is outdated or clashes with your new colours and theme. Select styles with similar shapes or effects (such as mixed metals or textures).

Or, if you like the shape of old hardware, there’s no need to buy a new set when you can renew it for a fraction of the price. Remove the hardware, place it in a well-ventilated area, clean it, and sand it with steel wool to remove any rust. Then, prime and paint it to change it from silver to bronze, for example.

5. Replace Light Fixtures


Does the lighting in your bathroom highlight all the wrong places? Simply find better overhead light fixtures and place lights around your bathroom vanity for a cleaner and better appearance. The solution could also be as simple as purchasing new temperature light bulbs with compatible wattages. Consider replacing the old fixture with a new style that complements or matches your hardware if it casts dark or distracting shadows around the room.

6. Switch to Reusable Containers

Reusable soap, shampoo, and conditioner pumps improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. Instead of leaving cotton swabs and hygiene items in their original packaging, place them in reusable containers. This allows you to keep things neat while recycling both plastic and cardboard packaging at the same time.

7. Instal Self-Adhesive Caddies

One method for ensuring an efficient and happy start to your day is to keep your bathroom clean and organised. Add more storage to your medicine cabinet by using carefully staggered self-adhesive or magnetic cups to hold everything from your mouthwash to your favourite hair ties on the back of the cabinet door—all without disturbing sacred shelf space.

An organised area can not only save you time, but it can also help to elevate the décor of any room. Tie your oasis together by displaying your favourite towels on a shaker peg rail or in a suspended glass cabinet. Another space-saving idea is to hang stacked towel bars on the back of your bathroom door for quick drying.

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