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Women’s Dress Sandals: Stay Comfy and Chic No Matter the Occasion

Your shoes can make or break your outfit—heck, they can make or break your day and affect your confidence. Have you ever tried to keep it together while your toes were literally screaming let us out? Or tried to play it cool while wearing the wobbliest pair of high heels? The stuff of nightmares.

If you’re tired of sacrificing fashion for comfort and vice versa, it’s time to make the switch to all-round footwear that ticks both of these boxes and then some. When your go-to sneakers are too casual, and the weather calls for lighter shoes, dress sandals march in and save the day.

What Are Dress Sandals?

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Dress sandals are the perfect balance of style and comfort. This type of footwear is commonly made from leather, suede or textile, and may or may not feature a heel. When shopping for women’s dress sandals online or in stores, you’ll be spoiled for choice by all the trendy styles and colours available. From simple models that suit smart casual and semi-formal outfits to classy pairs that complement formal attire, the options are virtually endless.

Why Do Women Like Wearing Sandals?

Mainly because they’re comfortable, breathable and less constricting on the feet, making a fine choice for various occasions involving a lot of standing or walking. Moreover, dress sandals help you stay cool during the hot days of summer because they’re open, allowing air to circulate around the feet.

And of course, because sandals are flexible as they come. Most pairs can be easily dressed down or up to suit any look, from dressy to casual, so they can be a valuable part of any versatile capsule wardrobe. Team them up with jeans for an effortlessly urban look, or with a sundress or skirt to complement the feminine aesthetic.

What to Wear and When?

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While it’s easy to fall in love with a certain pair of women’s dress sandals just because you like the straps or hues, you should know that not every model is suitable for every occasion. Before the era of Sex and the City, there was a general rule implying that open-toe sandals are reserved for parties and celebrations such as weddings, and their closed-toe cousins are better suited for office wear and formal events.

Nowadays, this rule doesn’t always strictly apply, but to be certain that you wear appropriate attire, check with your company or event host whether there’s a dress code you should adhere to. There’s standing out from the crowd, and there’s being the black sheep, and if you aim for the former, you need to make the right choice.

Tips On Choosing the Perfect Pair

Before you buy dress sandals just because the thought of them being paired with that pretty little skirt in your wardrobe sounds amazing, you should consider the fit and feel they provide. It’s not rare for the cutest pair to turn out the least comfortable, so keep an eye out for the following deciding factors.


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There was a time not so long ago when clear dress sandals were the hottest thing around. Now, these may look incredibly stylish on the shelf, but they sure aren’t the comfiest of the bunch. When exploring dress sandals for sale, look for quality natural materials such as leather and suede.

Although these may be more expensive, they’re prized for their comfort and breathability. In addition, these materials adjust to the shape of your feet, providing a more custom fit over time that protects your skin from chafing.

Size and Fit

Getting the size and fit right may take some trial and error, especially if you’re shopping online. Make sure to check and compare different sizing charts to find a model that suits your needs. Too loose, and you’ll be fighting for balance instead of stepping out with confidence. Too tight, and you’re risking painful sores and blisters that can ruin your day or week.

Heel Height and Type

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Yes, high heels add a fiercely feminine flair to any outfit while accentuating your legs and flattering your figure. However, there’s nothing fierce or elegant about pain and discomfort. If you don’t feel secure or comfortable in a pair of 10 cm stilettos, don’t torture or beat yourself up about it—there’re plenty of other equally flattering sandals like wedges and kitten heels that won’t break your back, feet or ankles.

Closing Thoughts

With that being said, you can now update your shoe cabinet with a brand-new pair of sandals you’ll love wearing time and time again. Oh and yes, the sock-sandal combo may be considered cool again, but it takes a great sense of fashion to pull that one off, so weigh your options.

Also, a fresh pedicure is a must to ensure that your feet look pretty and well-groomed. Since this footwear often reveals the toes, heel and the top of the foot, it’s essential to have your nails trimmed and polished and your skin pampered and moisturised.

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