Country Wear: Timeless Trend You Can Incorporate in Your Day to Day Life

Have you ever found the Wild West appealing? I sure have and I blame it on the many classics of Westerns I’ve watched over the years, as well as the various gripping stories I’ve read since I was a child.

Also, the great Outback we have in Australia makes me rethink how close it is to experience some of the wild appeal I’d seen and read about, but for the time being while I’m still at home, saving up and dreaming of taking to the road, I can at least enjoy the ruggedness by wearing country clothing.

Country wear is one that never goes out of style, it’s been the case time after time; sure, it’s had its ups and downs, I don’t deny it, but while other trends come and go this is one that remains firm.

Even if you don’t want to go full country, appearing like you’ve walked straight from a Western film, you can incorporate pieces into your day to day apparel – that’s how I pull it off with a pair of jeans and country shirt. My favourites are my RM Williams Kimberley jeans and Nicole shirt!

Country Wear

The fact it’s become high fashion, hitting the catwalks too apart from the streets and country, means it’s past its functional and casual days. Yes, it’s still casual but not solely, considering there are pieces of country clothing you can expect to look stylish in, while at the same time enjoying comfort, like my Brigalow shirt dress.

Sometimes I incorporate ponchos with my casual looks to give them a touch of Western elegance. Perhaps two of the most symbolic elements in country wear are the boots and hat, at least they are for me.

I tend to infuse my outfits with their charms from time to time, I love the way they spice up my simple outfits effortlessly and the way wearing the boots makes me feel, more courageous with every step, whereas for my man, he recently got a belt buckle from me and it seems he can’t get enough of it, his all-time-favourite accessory.

Country is also about details, so I never underestimate the stylish role of bandanas, shawls, crossbody bags, bolo ties, embellishments, embroideries and fringes, fringes everywhere; fringes on bags, boots, shirts, vests, skirts, and jeans immediately get me in a country mood.

You may not be a fan of the style as much as me, but you can easily get in the country trend with the use of some of these elements and details.

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