A Bit of Scandinavian Trends, Cushions, and Pillows

It’s that time of year when most of us, as per tradition, start thinking about the New Year’s resolutions. This includes trying to change our lifestyles for the better by implementing healthy diet choices, and a bit of exercise.

Yet, it takes stirring up the vibes in our abodes as well to get more of the positive energy to get us going. This doesn’t necessarily mean grand home makeovers, but rather injecting the interior décor with some vividness, and comfort. Though not the usual choice, you can count on the wide range of cushions and pillows online to do the trick.

Now that we are in the trend of Scandinavian designs, it’s the perfect time to pile up on Scandinavian trendy pillows. Unlike other trends that come and go, Scandinavian has stayed with us for quite some time now, particularly because of its expressive simplicity, paired with understated elegance, the defining soothing colours, clean lines, unmatched craftsmanship, outstanding materials, and timeless design winning us over and over again.

These positive traits are valid for all the products in Scandinavian design, including the versatile cushions and pillows online you’d stumble upon. Attributing to them non-allergic, soft, and warm materials, and colours, as the basic characteristics, you can count on them as the items to fill every spot of your nest with both comfort and style equally – after all that’s what the Danish Hygge philosophy is all about.

Now then, cushions and pillows! Have you given the sofa some thought? Imagine how much more comfort and warmth it would get instantly when you add the charms of the knot cushion – more so when you pile it up with more knot cushions! Sofa chilling with loved ones doesn’t get better than that. If, however, you’re a fan of the floor, that’s where bolster pillows come in handy.

Have armchairs around? You can turn them into your favourite reading spot when you match them with the right cushion or pillow, getting the much-needed back support, for when you get carried away by a gripping book story, reading for hours and hours. The SLY Nomad cushions make for a nice addition, but if you’re hunting for lumbar support as much as aesthetics, you can pair one of them with Darcy & Duke’s lumbar cushions.

You know how much of an impact the entryway makes, especially for grand impressions, so don’t be stingy with the comfort there either. The bench area, or even the hall tree are suitable to set the mode of relaxation by throwing in the warmth of some pillow, like those of the Danish AYTM, and Ferm Living.

I don’t even have to mention the bedroom immediately turns into a sanctuary when you pile up the bed with as many pillows as you see fit, without worrying about messing up style, as long as the colours go well together harmoniously.

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