Development of Skills: The Importance of Children’s Play with Car Toys

Getting in the role of a parent sure isn’t easy. It takes challenges, making choices, as well as giving up things (like that last piece of cake…). One thing is for sure though, while there are no rules on proper parenting, parents can’t deny the importance of children’s play in the proper development. While there are many stereotypes when it comes to the choice of games, and toys, it’s high time we left them behind, and we provided our children with the toys that are to their benefits, like kids wooden parking garage, for instance.

Toys such as this allow children to have fun with stocking a large range of cars, moving them from level to level, racing them, as well as filling them up at the service station. Some of the kids wooden parking garage toys also allow for customization through stickers, as well as the addition of ramps.

Car toys are interesting for boys and girls equally, through all the stages of childhood in fact. This is so because first off they begin understanding how to drive a car, what happens to it when driving it (wheels rolling), and when not driving it properly (crashing), how and where to park it. Through this play, they learn more about the world that surrounds them.


Besides, this is as much fun for children as it is for the parents. It makes for the perfect bonding time filled with plenty of giggles. As time goes by, the simple driving around turns into more complex play that involves taking the cars for a wash, and filling them up with gas to keep them going. Then again, children learn a car can take you places, like when you go shopping, or decide to go on a holiday. This gives the opportunity to further extend the play to building up roads, shops, places, and cities, with just about anything, that children would get to drive by.

Along the way, they also learn that it takes paying for the washing, and parking services, as the play advances over the years. Paying fines is also part of the game, be that for improper parking, or speeding. In other words, playing with cars makes for healthy, productive fun, where children get to learn important skills in life. It’s important to help with this play, trigger children’s interest, and nurture it when you see it. You can expect all the benefits of the play afterward, as well as having the whole home serve as a driveway, seeing cars all around!

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