Perfectly Set Dining Table

The Ingredients of a Perfectly Set Dining Table

Creating a functional and stylish dining area is closely related to choosing the right dining furniture set. However, a functional dining area wouldn’t be complete without having all of the dining table essentials. And since dining table décor can show off your unique personality, nowadays you have endless options when it comes to setting the perfect table for any occasion.


Whether setting your table for a casual, every day or special occasion, having the right type of dinnerware or also known as tableware is crucial. In order to be ready for any occasion, it’s recommended to stock up on some versatile dinner dishes. Along with plates and bowls, it’s also recommended to have at least the basic set of serving flatware on hand.

Dinnerware Set


Being one of the main attractions on a dining table, make sure to choose tableware and flatware that are appealing and stylish. With dinnerware designs ranging from simple and minimalistic to floral, textured and printed, you can certainly find the set that will meet your personal style. One thing is certain, dinnerware has the ability to create an opulent experience for friends and family, so thanks to the huge choice, you can easily find the right set.

When it comes to choosing both flatware and dinnerware, both casual and more formal sets should be made of high-quality materials  which are practical and easy to maintain. You should also think of the dinnerware’s size and shape as they need to fit comfortably into the dishwasher, cabinets and microwave oven.

Table Linen

Laying down a dinner table cloth is one of the most basic things you need to do before setting the dining table. According to professionals, getting a chic table cloth can transform the whole look of a table in an instant. What’s more, a tablecloth will also give you a clean slate, so you could proceed and build upon it. If you are setting a table for a more formal occasion, then you can also include a table runner and make the whole ‘scene’ more elegant and stylish.

Linen and cotton tablecloths are the perfect choices for casual and semi-casual events, and it seems that more and more people are leaning towards their use. Tablecloths made of these two materials feel amazing against the skin and they are also easier to clean and maintain. Some of them even allow being washed at higher washing temperatures.

One thing is certain, table linens made from cotton and linen are highly absorbent and long-lasting, able to withstand daily wear and tear. On top of that, these two materials can only get better with every wash which means that these table linens won’t look old even after repetitive use. However, for those special occasions, you can always choose a table cloth made of satin, polyester or some other material that looks fancy and elegant.

Table Linen


While the material can certainly make or break the look of your dining table, the same can be said for its size. The size you choose can mainly depend on the size of your dining table and how much tablecloth fabric you want to hang from the table’s edges. Generally speaking, if you are looking for a tablecloth for a special event, you should leave at least a 20 cm drop on each edge of the table. For making everything look more luxurious, you can leave a 40 cm drop.

When in the search for the right tablecloth, you should also consider the shape of your dining table. Consequently, round tablecloths are designed for round tables while rectangular tablecloths can be used for both rectangular and square tables.

If what you want is to have a perfectly set table even for everyday use, you should also invest in napkins. You can either look for a set of tablecloths and napkins or buy them separately. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose napkins in a different colour or design in order to add contrast and style to the table.

If you are setting the dining table for a formal and special event, you can always use napkin rings to make everything look fancier and more elegant. Metal (silver, gold, bronze), plastic, wooden, bamboo, ceramic, glass and acrylic are some of the most commonly used materials for napkin rings form which you can choose depending on the table setting. For those of you who want something simpler, you can always opt for some kind of fabric wrap and simply tie the napkins in the middle or at the end. Truth be told, there are quite interesting ways to fold a napkin with or without a napkin ring.

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