House Washing

House Washing: To Freshen Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal Pressure Washer Is Ideal

Growing up, I’ve always dreamed of having a large house, one where I could feel like the princesses from all my favourite fairytales. But when you’re a child everything seems so easy and uncomplicated. It is when you grow up that you actually notice the reality of things. As I’ve eventually learned after purchasing my first home, the bigger the house – the more time you need to spend on cleaning and maintaining it. And chores like vacuuming and dusting are only the easiest part. It’s cleaning the outside area that takes the most effort and that’s the reason why many people overlook this part of their homes.

But if you want to add more curb appeal to your home, a thorough exterior cleaning is a must. An effective and quick way to do so is by using a pressure washer. This tool can easily remove dirt, stains, grease and even mould and mildew from your houses siding. And a dirt-free siding that sparkles in the sun is the most beautiful face a home can have. Regularly cleaning the siding can prevent the paint from chipping and reduce the risk of mould getting into the interior of your house, which can be extremely hard to get rid off.

Besides the siding, a pressure washer can take care of your gutters without you having to climb up a dangerous ladder. The powerful jet this tool produces can clean the gutters from leaves and any other gunk that has accumulated and which can prevent rainwater from flowing down. Keeping your gutters clean at all times is important for preventing any possible flooding to you roof or damage to the foundation of the house should a storm occur.

But a pressure washer’s power extends far beyond the limits of the house. It is especially useful for cleaning your driveway spotless. When you drive your car in and out of the garage it leaves tire marks and gasoline on it which can emit an unpleasant odour. If you have never cleaned your driveway before, you might work up a sweat the first time. But after you eliminate the years-worth of filth it will only get easier and easier.

A pressure washer is a power tool and as such should be treated carefully because it can be potentially dangerous. The jet of water that comes out of it is so concentrated that it can damage skin, so before you turn it on make sure there’s no one standing in your way. Moreover, without the proper knowledge how to use it, this tool can also be dangerous to your house. Using the strongest spray on delicate surfaces can cause damage. It’s a good tip to start cautiously with a nozzle that has a 40 degree spray surface and work your way down if necessary.

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