The Different Types of Hospital Trolleys

A hospital trolley is an essential tool for medical practices, as they allow for great convenience regarding various medical services. Storage space is a common issue for most medical centres, which are constantly reconfiguring their working environment to meet their requirements. This is why these places often opt for hospital trolleys over built in units as to allow their workers to easily move their storage or dispense units to wherever they are needed.

Hospital trolleys come in different styles, sizes and shapes, and each of them can be used for different purposes. Depending on the requirements of your facility, you can choose a unit with two or more shelves, two or four wheels, and also fitted with brakes for extra safety and security. If your facility needs a trolley with unique features, some manufacturers offer customized trolleys.

  • Storage and collection trolleys – used for temporary storage of supplies or transporting heavy pieces of medical equipment.
  • Dispensing trolleys – used for doctors and nurses for easy access to medical tools wherever they are needed and for the dissemination of patients’ medication in hospital wards.
  • Bin trolleys – for safe disposal of potentially hazardous medical tools.
  • Linen trolleys – for easy transportation of hospital lines, helping hospital staff to manage bed making easily and quick.
  • Trolley beds – to transport patients comfortably to and from surgery rooms or for their short rest and recuperation.

Hospital trolleys provide a hygienic and sterilized environment and don’t require a lot of maintenance to keep them bacteria free. Plus, they are often easy to assemble and store – even first timers can set up one with ease and since most models are foldable, they are quite easy to store away. Before you choose a hospital trolley for your facility, there are some considerations you should keep in mind.

  • Durability and longevity – This depends on the material the trolley is made of. Therefore, one trolley made of poor quality material won’t last that long. Stainless steel trolleys are a good option to keep in mind as this material is very strong and do not rust unlike iron.;
  • Is it portable and foldable? – This will allow for easy-of-use and convenience;
  • The brakes – Check them well, otherwise moving your trolley won’t be easy;
  • Locking system – also should be checked so that you can make sure it won’t let you down in cases of emergency.

By choosing a high-quality hospital trolley for your facility you will be able to complete your work efficiently and economically, and therefore improve the productivity of your operations.

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