Skate Clothing

The Right Skate Clothing Betters Your Rolling

Doing cool tricks while exploring the urban environment from a whole new perspective – this is an adventure one can only experience when skateboarding. For dedicated skaters, skateboarding is not just a fun sport, it also represents a major aspect of their lifestyle. As a passionate skater myself, I must admit I spend a lot of my free time trying out new tricks with my friends and when we are not conquering the streets on our boards, we often like to browse the online skate shops for cool skate clothing and protective gear.

While newbie skaters understand the need for protection to a certain degree, many of them believe they can wear just about anything sporty or casual when skateboarding. However, the right skate clothing has a lot more to do with how you’re going to do on that board than meets the eye.

While a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt might seem like a fine outfit for your skateboarding adventures, when you consider how uncomfortable wearing jeans can be, you realize that this is not such a great idea after all. To do even a simple trick on your skateboard, you will need to make various movements with your legs and when you wear jeans that can restrict certain movements and render them difficult. That’s why skaters avoid wearing classic tight and confining jeans and opt for skater jeans, which feature baggy design and are therefore looser than your average jeans. They are comfortable, provide enough room for you to move easily and are often made of heavy denim that protects your legs and can withstand trips and falls without getting ripped and ruined.

Once you’ve found the perfect skater jeans for you, it’s time to choose several t-shirts that will not only make you look cool, but provide the desired level of comfort as well. As much as we want to avoid it, sweating is a part of the whole skating game. Doing more demanding tricks will often make you sweat a lot. That’s why you need t-shirts made from breathable materials such as cotton. In addition to providing great airflow and absorbing moisture, cotton t-shirts are also very comfortable to wear.

Last, but not least – the footwear, which can have a major influence on your performance. The skate shoes you choose should not only fit properly, but also provide great support and comfort. They should be designed to absorb impact, all while providing cushioning for your feet.

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