Fight Bathroom Humidity Back with an Exhaust Fan

Humidity – the mortal enemy of every bathroom. But what can we do – it’s simply an inescapable result of our huge love for long, hot showers. But as we indulge more and more into these small pleasures, we rarely think about the damage we cause to our bathroom with all the humidity we create while showering. But despair not, there’s a hero to the rescue – the bathroom exhaust fan. This ingenious invention works like a charm in removing excess moisture, preventing mould spores from developing and ventilating foul odours. In some building codes exhaust fans are obligatory, especially if there’s no bathroom window.

Decreasing humidity levels with an exhaust fan bathroom addition is very important because too much moisture in the air can significantly destroy the bathroom walls, causing the paint to chip or the wallpaper to peel. Also, all the wooden elements in your bathroom, such as the door, the window or the cabinets, can be greatly damaged as humidity can cause wood to warp.


Making an exhaust fan bathroom investment is also important for your personal health. The aforementioned effects of damp air, although costly, can be repaired, however, mildew is also very dangerous for your health. Showers, bathtubs, sinks and anything that remains wet for long periods of time can develop fungus, which eventually will result in mildew that grows on the places you often come in contact with. If you’re sensitive to mould, you might start experiencing throat or eye irritations, breathing problems, nasal blockage, start coughing, and so on. And if you have a mould allergy or asthma, having a mold infected bathroom could be the reason for many serious health complications.

Sure, you can try to remove mould with different cleaning agents, but it will always leave some spores behind which can reproduce and make the whole process start all over again. Moreover, breathing in fumes from mould removing solutions can have even worse effects on your health. For that reason, the best thing to do is treat the root of the problem – humidity. Installing an exhaust fan on the ceiling will remove damp air out of the bathroom and will leave only dry air which does not create conditions for fungus to develop.

And don’t worry about it being too loud or going on and off occasionally. If it sounds like there is a helicopter in your bathroom, you might want to check whether it’s properly installed. Most exhaust fans today are designed to make as little noise as possible and many of them come in the form of exhaust fan bathroom lights. This means the fan will turn on only when the bathroom is being used. After you turn the light switch off, it will remain running only for a couple of minutes in order to remove any odours left behind. You can even find a 3-in-1 combination of an exhaust fan, lights and a heater. The perfect convenient solution for all your needs and all seasons year ’round.

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