Surge Leatherman

Surge Leatherman: The Multi-Tool That Can Save You in the Nick of Time

Though we pride ourselves on being part of the most innovative century (as of yet), with all the different kinds of machinery and technology around us at our disposal, oftentimes as it happens certain concepts and items we rely on today have their ideas much further back in the past than we could imagine. Such is the case with multi-tools. If you don’t believe they’re actually older than previously thought, much older than the concept of Swiss army knife, just read more about the ancient Romans and you’d find out about their ingenious Roman army pen knife.

Fast forward to today, the core of the idea is the same yet items are considerably more advanced. While it was the Victorinox Swiss army knife that set the trend of multi-tools back, particularly throughout the WWII period, there’s another name that’s famous worldwide for the top-notch products: Leatherman. What came out of a necessity to Tim Leatherman, the founder himself, resulted in a successful business and a brand known for reliable tools that Aussies are especially keen on having, considering one in five owns a Leatherman tool. Now, with a wide range of options, you can’t go wrong by opting for the Surge Leatherman multi-tool. What is it that makes it a must-have?

Surge Leatherman

For one, it’s one of the two largest multi-tools that Leatherman came up with, consisting of 21 tools in one, and two – it allows for use of several tools simultaneously. The Surge Leatherman multi-tool is strong and powerful, made of stainless steel, designed to withstand the test of time and tough jobs with its large needlenose and regular pliers, longest multi-tool blades (serrated knife and blade exchanger) with four outside opening blades for quick access, saw, awl, electrical crimper, stranded, regular and hard wire 154cm replaceable cutters, large bit-driver and bottle opener. Basically, it’s the all-in-one multi-tool that can save you in the nick of time.

No matter whether you are a warehouse worker, construction worker, mechanic, fisherman, hunter, law enforcement officer, or just a person who loves handling DIY projects at home, this is the tool you can always rely on. Instead of carrying a whole box of tools, that is heavy and not that easy to store, you could carry this single multi-tool and still be able to tackle different kinds of jobs. Who knows, perhaps certain survival situations the Surge could save you in would get you to the “Tool Tales” of the Leatherman website.

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